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The historic city of Benoni is located in the Eastern suburbs of the province of Gauteng on what is called the East Witwatersrand. The city came to life in the year 1887, when mine workers and companies settled to dig into the rich gold reefs that the province is notorious for. Since then, iconic landmarks have been created and maintained, such as the Korsman Bird Sanctuary, a string of lakes, the Trees Eco Fun Park and the Bullfrog Pan. 

Benoni has a variety of types and sizes of homes. New, modern home and residential developments have begun to popularise in the city as it grows in population. The average stand-alone home is a three-bedroom and two-bathroom facility with garden and double-garage driveway space. This average home can be purchased for just over R1,000,000. Piling on top of the cost of a home, the renovation of a bathroom alone has recently been estimated at anything between R25,000 to R45,000 depending on the size, the materials needed, the accessories wanted, and the amenities that are wanted like a bathtub or a shower or both. 

What to consider when designing a bathroom

Designing a bathroom can be a daunting task. There are some practical considerations that one must think about, such as the positioning of the water or wastage pipes that are needed for the shower, bathtub, sink and toilet. These plumbing and structural considerations will affect the plans that the client had in mind. Equally as important from these factors are the aesthetic or decorative elements. The ability and functionality that a bathroom can deliver to its users need to tick the following boxes:

  • Spacious enough to use the amenities. The different amenities need to be separated sufficiently to allow the client to use each one without being squashed. 
  • Functioning amenities such as a sink, a toilet, a shower or a bathtub or both.
  • An exit for the steam and /or water for example a window or an extractor fan. This is important for the durability and quality of the materials used, so that dangerous mould, dampness in the ceiling which affect the lighting, and whatever the materials on the walls (usually tiles) are, are protected and remain clean. 
  • Storage space for cosmetics, towels or cleaning products, for example two cabinets under the sink, a wardrobe or shelving in the bathroom. The storage also applies to the towel racks, the in-shower racks that hold cosmetics like shampoo and soap.

Understanding a bathroom designer

When buying a new home or renovating the current one you live in, many consider starting by re-creating their bathrooms. The bathroom is the most private, personal place of cleanliness and solitude that every homeowner should consider making more comfortable. 

A bathroom designer is a person that guides the client through the technical issues and the decorative elements that a bathroom needs. The technical issues may include plumbing, water and steam resistant appliances or fixtures that are available for the clients budget as well as the condition of the structure of the bathroom being constructed on. 

On top of that, a skilled bathroom designer takes into consideration what functions the bathroom needs to fulfill as well as how many people will be using the bathroom; is it a family sharing bathroom or is it an on-suite bathroom for a private room, which is usually used by two or three people maximum. These factors all play a large role in what materials can be used, what fixtures or accessories will be needed. 

Why Hire a bathroom designer?

Bathroom designing and implementation is quite a complex and sometimes complicated task to complete on your own or even with a detailed guide. The image that you had in your mind for such a project might not work out as planned due to the lack of skilled knowledge in bathroom planning and design. Hiring a professional designer is one of the best ways to ensure that your bathroom will have a professional and quality finish that can last for many years. 

The bathroom designer is able to help in many other ways too. Designers have well established secure, trustworthy and well-known contractors, plumbers and skilled technicians that clients will need for the process which are separate costs the client might have to incur if they do not have the help of a bathroom designer. This also means that the designer can arrange cost conscious deals for their clients. 

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