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WE ARE EXPERTS IN SHOWERS IN HOUSTONAre you thinking on do some renovations to your bathroom? Probably re flooring, new | Małgorzata Mierzwińska
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Albion Bath Company NL
Established in 2004, Albion Bath Co has over 30 different styles of elegant freestanding baths and baths on feet. Created
Established in 2006, aqua: is a family run business offering bespoke fully installed bathroom & kitchens to suit most
Kaipunuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
Kaipunuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of shower products, established in 1997 in Pinghu, Zhejiang
Floors & Walls Pros
Here at Floors & Walls Pros we started as investors and home flippers and did such a good job of making homes picture
Badeloft GmbH - Hersteller von Badewannen und Waschbecken in Berlin
Moderne und luxuriöse Badewannen und Waschtische aus hochwertigem Mineralguss Badeloft GmbH hat im Jahr 2011 eröffnet.
Wedi GmbH Sucursal ESPAÑA
En Wedi GmbH llevamos más de 35 años desarrollando soluciones prácticas y de alta calidad para los especialistas de la construcción
Smile Bath S.A.
Smile Bath has established itself as a company in the manufacture and marketing of bathroom products with experience and
Xpertials SL
¿QUIENES SOMOS? Xpertials, es una empresa fundada en Enero del año 2014 con un equipo ya especializado en el sector del
LifeStyle Bäderstudio
Moderne und hochwertige Badsanierungen aus einer Hand LifeStyle Bäderstudio ist ein professionelles, erfahrenes und kreatives
Stefan Necker Tegernseer Badmanufaktur & BadRaumKonzepte
Tegernseer Badmanufaktur · Individuelle BadKonzepte & Exklusives BadDesign · Idee - Planung - Realisierung. 30 Jahre
Магазин сантехники
Магазин качественной сантехники предлагает продукцию лучших европейских и отечественных производителей. Вся сантехника
DeVal Bathrooms
We are a Cambridge Bathroom Design & Installation Company based just north of Cambridge, with a proven track record in completing
ceramica senio
“Our company is a unique Italian industrial reality, as we have been producing majolica tiles since 1968 with the same technique - Portal & Sklep
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Ulrich holz -Baddesign
Als Spezialisten für Baddesigne - Wandgestaltung und Bodengestaltung verstehen wir uns insbesondere auf die fugenlose Gestaltung
ZICCO GmbH - Waschbecken und Badewannen in Blankenfelde-Mahlow
Das Badezimmer ist der Ort Ihres Zuhauses, in dem Sie sich ganz sich selbst widmen können und Entspannung finden in Ihren
BOOR Bäder, Fliesen, Sanitär
Ihr qualifizierter Partner rund um die Themen Bäder, Fliesen, Sanitär und Natursteine. Besuchen Sie unsere Ausstellungen

What do bathroom designers do?

Bathroom designers work with a client throughout a project to ensure that their wants and needs are met in the form of a refurbished (or brand-new) bathroom.

The designer assesses your tastes and requirements, finds out about your budget and what is allowed, the type of space you have available, and various other practical issues. This information is then processed and used to put together a design.

Some bathroom designers also fulfill the duty of project managing and might even recommend a team of contractors or arrange discounts with suppliers.

It’s not uncommon for a bathroom designer to start his/her career in related fields, such as plumbing or interior design. For this reason, a bathroom designer usually has a very good practical understanding of the building process.

Design mistakes bathroom designers wish we all knew

There’s nothing wrong with trying your hand at styling up your bathroom, but remember that proper planning must form part of your design scheme. And should you not wish to contact a professional bathroom designer, at least avoid these common mishaps:

1.  Too-trendy fixtures

A modern floating vanity might look perfect now, but will it still be “in” in five years? Opting for a material or appliance that’s very trendy can actually devalue a space later on. Of course this is another matter if you wish to sell your home very soon, as potential buyers are looking for stylish (yet not too trendy) bathrooms. Other fixtures to avoid include wall-mounted faucets and reclaimed wood accents (unless you live in a farmhouse or industrial loft, the reclaimed wood usually just looks out of place).

2.  Centre-stage toilet

Lots of people want an open-style bathroom, but for reasons like privacy and ventilation it’s recommended to separate the toilet (i.e. a water closet). At the very least, try and not make the toilet the focal point of your bathroom, and rather let the vanity or tub enjoy all the attention.

3.  Wooden floors

Although they look amazing, wood floors are not practical for a bathroom. Instead, opt for any kind of tile to avoid water damage and the inevitable expensive replacing job later on. (Read more: The 5 best water-resistant flooring options for South African homes)

4.  Insufficient lighting

Like in any other room in the house, your bathroom must be sufficiently lit for you to see yourself clearly. When placing your light fixtures, don’t mount them too high. And try and place them very close to the mirror, otherwise you’ll end up with shadows on your face.

5.  Inadequate storage space

You need room for toiletries, towels, extra toilet paper, etc. But unfortunately, far too many people underestimate the importance of storage in a bathroom. In addition to putting in cabinets and/or shelves, leave at least 75 cm of counter space. If you really don’t have the room, compensate with extra wall-hung storage. (Read more: The homify guide to choosing a bathroom cabinet)

6.  Overdramatic décor

As a bathroom is meant to be a clean space, it makes sense to keep its decorating simple. Try and keep all décor items practical, such as pretty containers for Q-tips or a colourful soap dispenser. This allows you more room for things you don’t want to see on a daily basis, like extra rolls of toilet paper or cleaning products. Stick to unfussy styles and limit yourself to one bright colour.

Crucial questions to ask a bathroom designer (before hiring them)

Similar to searching for an Architect, Interior Designer or Landscape Architect, a bathroom designer must put your mind at ease regarding the forthcoming project. That’s how you know you’ve found the right professional for the job. These questions are considered vital during your initial meeting with a potential bathroom designer, and hopefully they inspire further queries with the person you’ll be interviewing.

And remember: if the bathroom designer is not willing to answer your question fully and honestly, they are the wrong person for your project!

1.  How will my budget be managed?

Before doing anything, you must have a clear idea of how much money you want to spend on your bathroom’s design. In addition, you must know how much to set aside as a contingency fund for problems or changes along the way. Always make sure you receive a quote (a fixed, definite price) or an estimate (an educated guess of how much it will cost) from the bathroom designer, as well as an agreement on a payment schedule you’re both happy with.

2.  How will we communicate?

Communication is key, even in a business relationship between you and your bathroom designer. Ask them how they keep in touch with their clients. If you prefer contact via email or phone, stipulate it. And make sure there’s a communication plan in place for emergencies. But also remember that this works both ways, so make your contact details available as well.

3.  What will the work schedule be?

This entails more than the start- and finish date of the project. You need to be clear on the order of work, plus any particular milestones / deadlines. Also know that everything is subject to change.