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Vereeniging is a city in the south of Gauteng province. With a small population of 99,878 people (2011 Census), Vereeniging is one of the most vital industrial manufacturing centres in South Africa.

During the Apartheid period, Vereeniging was one of the first regions to establish better housing for African people. In recent years, thanks to the scenic beauty of this city, it promoted the opportunity for growth in many industries, including residential and commercial property development. But which areas in specific?

The Vaal River is considered as the major industrial region and is currently under construction to deliver massive increases in property values and overall economic growth, says Sotheby's International Realty®. According to the statistics from the South African property portal Property24, the sale price of houses has grown massively from R500 000 (2009) to R1 000 000 (2018). Meanwhile, the average estimated value of apartments was around R620 000, which is rather stable.

Common property types in Vereeniging

Architects in Vereeniging can build and design just about any property. Some popular housing and commercial property designs in the region include but are not limited to the following:

  • Houses: Houses are some of the most popular sold properties in the Vereeniging region of Gauteng, with apartments taking second place. In Vereeniging are the likes of low-cost homes, security complexes, free-standing, and townhouses to name a few. Cheaper houses can start at R150, 000 and can go on to more than R15, 000 000.
  • Apartments: Apartments make an affordable option for accommodation. In Vereeniging, there are several types. These range from studio (bachelor) apartments to larger apartments with more bedrooms and overall floor space. The price can estimate from R180, 000 to R16, 000 000.
  • Commercial properties: These are all the office buildings and retail spaces and because this area is very commercialized, it's in high demand. Whether you're renting a space, or purchasing a property, Vereeniging accommodates all home and business owners.

Why hire a local professional to build your dream home

There comes a time in many homeowners' lives that buying a house just simply doesn't do it for them anymore. While buying a property is a proud moment, building one from start to finish will top that feeling 100 times more! Creating a home from scratch means, you can build it exactly the way you've envisaged it to be and even better with the right help. With that said, you're also able to add your own signature look to the building and it will be there for as long as you want it and something you can always be proud of. This isn't easy if you have no idea where to start or what to look for. If anything is true, every region may have their own requirements and regulations regarding the building and if you get that part incorrect, it may resupply in problems or a delay with your building plans.

If you're looking to build a space from scratch, it's better to hire the pros to make sure that you know what you're getting. There are many benefits for hiring an architect in Vereeniging, apart from you creating a solid, long-term investment.

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Why hire an architect (instead of DIY)?

  • Architects know the trade: These are not only skilled people but also experienced and qualified in the trade. They have all the insights needed to build property as well as adhering to regulations.
  • They avoid design flaw: Again, as a result of their training and experience, architects will design a building that adheres to regulations and takes into account the needs of the people to reside in it. It's always crucial to an architect to avoid making design flaws that will end up raising the costs to fix it in the long run.
  • Money saving investment: While it may seem an expensive option to hire an architect the truth is, it will save you lots more in the long run.
  • ROI: Bearing a great design in mind is one thing, but with an architect, you can rest assured that your design will bring you better ROI's increasing the value of your property.
  • Trust and loyalty: Your hired architect considers your needs and you can trust and rely on them to be loyal to you and the project.
  • They help create clarity for your design: You may have an idea of what you want, but you may not know how everything will fall into place. Much like writers that put the words into place to complete a book, architects in Vereeniging can help you see a clear picture on the results that you want from your house.
  • Architects can cut the cost of utility bills: Architects in Vereeniging can help you cut the cost of your monthly utility bills because not only do they implement a strategy for the overall design they also use innovative materials. Some material innovation can help reduce the use of excessive electricity by simply relying on natural elements like the sun's rays for energy generation. 
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