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For those who want to build a house in the Gauteng province of South Africa, Vanderbijlpark on the Vaal river is a good option. It’s an industrial city that is the base of Vanderbijlpark Steel that is now a part of the global corporation ArcelorMittal. Vanderbijlpark is a part of the Vaal Triangle, which is considered an important industrial region within the country. The architecture in the city is diverse. You will find townhouses built by ISCOR (South African Iron and Steel Corporation) in the late 40s up to the early 60s. Closer to the Central Business District, the apartments and buildings are more modern. There are also a few wealthy suburbs close to the river, where you will find large houses. Depending on the area where you plan to build or alter a house, it’s best to hire local architects in Vanderbijlpark to guide you so that your house meets all the legal requirements regarding zoning restrictions and other aspects outlined by the local authorities.

Is it essential to hire a local architect?

South Africa has building regulations that are applicable to construction activity in all its provinces. These rules are outlined in the National Building Regulations. Additionally, every municipality has its own regulations on zoning, land use, modifications to interior architecture and other aspects. Building in certain neighbourhoods may also require permissions from the local heritage or environment authorities. As a homeowner, it’s virtually impossible for you to be aware of all these laws, but for an architect, it’s a part of his business since he deals with these issues regularly for any construction. To take the stress out of getting your house plans sanctioned, it’s advisable to hire a local architect.

What are the advantages of hiring a local architect?

Besides helping you with drawing the plans and simplifying the process of getting them approved from the municipality, local architects can help with several other things to make the process of building your house go smoother. 

● Architects have contacts with contractors and suppliers as they deal with them regularly on various projects. As a result, they can get you high-quality materials and skilled labour at more reasonable prices than you would get if you were to deal with these contractors directly. This can save you a lot of money as well as time that would otherwise be wasted on negotiating. 

● If you have a specific style of house in mind, whether it's country-style or modern, the architect can help to adapt it to suit the local climatic conditions. For instance, Vanderbijlpark has maximum summer temperatures that average 31-35°C, while minimum winter temperatures can dip to as low as -1°C. When designing your home, you need to incorporate features that insulate it to keep it comfortable throughout the year. A local architect can advise you on the architectural design, types of materials or professional landscaping features that can be used to achieve this, as they have experience in building houses in the province.

How much will it cost to build a house in Vanderbijlpark?

The cost of a house will depend upon its size, the materials, the style and several other variables. If you have a specific budget in mind, it’s best to consult a local architect to get an idea of the kind of house that can be built within the budget. Currently, it costs around R 6,102 per square metre for a standalone house, R 7,118 per square metre for a townhouse and R 8,876 per square metre for building flats in the Gauteng province to which Vanderbijlpark belongs. If you are altering an existing building, it’s best to check with an architect on the approximate costs that will be incurred.

How do I choose a style for my house?

On homify, we have hundreds of images of beautiful modern houses in South Africa. You can browse through these photographs to get an idea of the style that you like the best. You should also make a note of features that you like so that you can show them to the architect and ask if they can be incorporated into your house. Not every design feature may be ideal for a specific style. For instance, an antique door might look completely out of place in a house with modern architecture. A good architect will interact with you to find out your preferences, lifestyle and budget and create a design that takes all the essential factors into consideration.

What should I look for in an architect?

Building a house is an activity that can take a toll on your physical and emotional health, unless you hire the right architect. At every stage, you will need to take decisions on materials, costs and other factors. So, you should find an architect with a good temperament and work ethic to keep the stress to the minimum. The best way to do this is to contact a few architects and interact with them. You can start by asking to see their portfolio to get an idea about the quality of their design and construction. Once you are happy with what you see, you can mention your budget and preferences and ask for a sketch. This will give you an idea of the best person to hire. 

On the homify portal, we make it easy for you to find local professionals. All you need to do is browse through the Vanderbijlpark architect directory and fill up the online contact form to get started on building your house.

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