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5 Architects in Mbombela

Mbombela (Nelspruit) is the capital city of the Mpumalanga province. During 2009, it officially underwent a name change to Mbombela. Mbombela is home to a thriving population of more than 588 000 people (2011 Census). The region spans across a land of 72,63 square metres. During the 19th Century, Mbombela served as a central stopover destination because of the railway that ran from Witwatersrand's goldfields to Delagoa Bay.

The weather is a sub-tropical climate, creating the perfect environment for green rolling hills and the ideal environment for migrating bird species and other indigenous animals. Not to mention, it also makes the perfect place to build a home with the help of professional architects in Mbombela. The development of Riverside Park was a R120m investment that showcases the works of some talented Mbombela architects, designers and other professionals that worked on the project.

Property development in Mbombela

There are several major housing development strategies in place and the architects in Mbombela are always hard at work whether teaming up with the local municipality or taking on private residential homes as their projects. 

Some of the housing in the region includes the following:

  • Low-cost or subsidized housing: Low-cost housing is aimed to provide affordability as well as sustainability to residents. Low-cost housing also helps poor people of Mbombela to be able to afford a decent home.
  • Social housing: These homes are built with the aim of improving the lives of the public. Just like the low-cost homes these properties also allows for affordability and functionality. However, these properties are of higher quality standards and aimed at low to moderate-middle income families. They also improve the location or area because of their advanced and improved structures.
  • Other housing developments: Architects in Mbombela have the pleasure of designing various types of homes even those in the Kruger Park fit for a safari lifestyle. Some houses listed can start from R400, 000 and rise to nearly R20, 000 000 depending on the area and the materials and building itself.

Apartments in the region can start from R90, 000 and can soar to R11, 000 000, depending on the location. Architects in Mbombela are all familiar with the fact that the location plays a major role in any home development.

Renovating your house vs. buying a property

Renovating is a good option if you're looking to stay there for a long time. While most homeowners buy with the intent of enjoying a long-term investment, for others renovating means making changes to a place they'll be re-selling in the next few years. Renovation is a popular choice amongst people who are looking for more space so they'll add an extension to their home.

However, renovating can be tricky if you're going to take on the project by yourself. Without professional assistance, you can run into trouble with regulations. Another thing to consider is the fact that new buildings have different regulations compared to older ones and as the property owner, you need to consider it.

When looking to buy a home there are other factors at play:

  • You need to look around for the perfect property that will suit your needs
  • You have more time to look for the home you intend to buy.
  • Making an offer on the home, you want and the whole process of relocating can become stressful.
  • You can sometimes end up bidding against other buyers looking at the same property.
  • Sometimes finding the ideal home is time-consuming and may take longer than you thought it would.

Advantages of hiring an architect in Mbombela

  • You have more control over what your home will look like and the architects in Mbombela work very closely with their clients to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • As an owner, you'll enjoy the hands-on approach and ability to be part of the building process of your very home.
  • Your architect knows all the regulations and laws governing the development of a property and will build accordingly.
  • You can enjoy an innovative solution that will last a long time.
  • You can enjoy the pros of having a knowledgeable professional pick the best-suited materials that will be innovative as well as cost-effective.
  • Your local architect in Mbombela will be able to negotiate deals with other contractors that can help get good prices on materials.
  • The skills of an architect will help with problem solving and ethics throughout the project

How much does it charge to hire an architect in Mbombela?

There are different rates and the overall costs will depend on the work that needs to be done. After finding a few referrals from friends and family, you can collect quotations and see which architect will best suit your property development needs and budget.

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