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A4AC Architects
A4AC Architects We are a young -but experienced- group of Architects. We are based in Johannesburg, although we have done
Top Centre Properties Group is a full-service property development company specialising in the completion of architectural
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Ever since being established back in January 1999, Nuclei Lifestyle Design has been committed to housing and residential
Apex Zone (Pty) Ltd
Established in 2009 by Janus de Lange formerly trading as Men@Work Property Maintenance Solution, APEX ZONE (Pty) Ltd has
Nieuwoudt Architects
Nieuwoudt Architects are a Johannesburg based architectural design firm focusing on residential, commercial and leisure
Starfield Architects
Starfield Architects specializes in unique, crafted and bespoke solutions at every possible scale for your next home or
Grand Design Professionals
Established in Johannesburg, South Africa. Grand Design Professionals (GDP) is a company that prides itself with a wealth
JLA - Jarrod Len Architecture
JLA is a Johannesburg based architectural firm, designing high-end residential and corporate spaces for discerning clientele
Urban Dwellers Design Studio
Urban Dwellers Design Studio is a small architectural and design firm based in Johannesburg. We believe no project is to
Luc Zeghers Architects
Award winning architects - interior architect. A variety of work of different sizes has been undertaken locally and internationally
Green Evolution Architecture
Green EvolutionArchitecture (Pty) Ltd was established by Christian Gottschalk in June 2011 with the intent to produce contemporary
Hugo Hamity Architects
Professional Architect: Hugo Hamity.  My name is Hugo Hamity and I am an Architect based in Johannesburg. With 22 years
Pen Architectural
We are a Architectural firm that started in 2009 and we specializes in all aspects of the Construction Industry and we have
Pen Architectural Technologists
Pen Architectural Technologists started out in 2009 after taking a break from varsity and bloomed from August 2013. PAT
alive architecture
Alive Architecture operates nationwide and is currently developing numerous high-end residential projects. Our latest commercial
Veld Architects
Veld Architects is an award winning professional architectural practice based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We integrate
Landman Design
Landman Design is a passionate and creative architectural team based in Pretoria. We strive in creating sustainable and
Wentworth Architects
Wentworth Architects is Johannesburg-based , 100% black-owned Architecture Firm that specializes in Architecture, Interior
Marga Viljoen_Arch Deco
Marga registered her practice in 1996 and delivers partial and full architectural services on existing and new properties

Krugersdorp, a city in the province of Gauteng, is known for its mining activity with gold having been discovered on the Paardekraal in the 1800s. During the time of adversary and a fight for independence, it was then when Marthinus Pretorius, owner of the Paardekraal farm and 6000 other men vowed to fight for the independence of Transvaal (officially the South African Republic).

Today the city is home to more than 142,000 people (2011 census) and while most of the economic activity involves mining of gold and other minerals, the region still offers a fair amount of tourist and other recreational activities to enjoy that makes Krugersdorp unique in its own way.  

How architects shape up Krugersdorp

The city of Krugersdorp has many historical aspects and characters. It goes without saying that the preservation of good historic buildings is one of many things the local architects are involved with. Some of the historic buildings in Krugersdorp and the rest of Johannesburg include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Mandela House
  • Hector Pietersen memorial
  • Cradle of Humankind
  • Johannesburg City Hall
  • Museum Africa
  • The Lindfield Victoria House

Building preservation – How architects in Krugersdorp help

Preserving a building is one of the most sustainable things in architecture. This process is also known as "architectural conservation". This means preserving the structure and ensuring that as many of its original pieces are kept. After all the building will be used and continue to form part of the town's history for many years to come. The process may include adding innovative technologies and materials to improve the overall structure without taking away from its original essence.

While architects may not be the main influencers in building preservation, they also play a role in structural development when needed. Hence, the architectural conservator will work with professional architects and other contractors to make the project a success.

Why you need an architect for your property?

While you may be thinking architects in Krugersdorp only deal with government buildings, the truth is, they play an integral role in constructing private property too. Architects often work closely with developers to create homes including housing estates, freestanding homes, and apartment blocks. You need an architect because they offer the following advantages:

  • See the bigger picture – while you may not be able to see your property's true potential, a trained eye is able to and will help you get the best out of your home
  • Solves problems – problems can arise in any project and that's no exception for your property. However, experienced architects can solve problems creating the most suitable outcome.
  • Cut the costs – while you could be thinking architects are expensive to have around, but as a long-term investment, you'll be saving a pretty penny.

Tips on finding a trusted local architect

In your shortlist of architects, you should have the following ticked off the list:

  • Are they registered? Is the architect you're about to employ registered with the South African Council For The Architectural professional?
  • What type of architect are they? There are different architects, and it's important to know whether the one you're choosing is the best suited for the project. Some architects can recreate an interior (interior architects) and others can design it completely from scratch (technical architects).
  • What service does your architect provide? Some architects oversee the building project even if there is a contractor in place. Some are involved in every step of the construction (usually more expensive) but worthwhile. Establish what your architect offer.
  • Do they have a portfolio? A good architect would have a portfolio that they can show with a display of all their previous projects. You can see based on their portfolio how competent and skilled they are. You may even be able to see what famous projects they may have been involved with. Once you've narrowed down your list of architects in Krugersdorp, you'll be more clear about a decision. In addition, you can ask family members and colleagues for any referrals if they had experience with any of the architects you've rounded up on your shortlist.

Have you considered hiring architects in Krugersdorp?

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