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A4AC Architects
A4AC ArchitectsWe are a young -but experienced- group of Architects. We are based in Johannesburg, although we have done
Nuclei Lifestyle Design
Ever since being established back in January 1999, Nuclei Lifestyle Design has been committed to housing and residential
drew architects + interiors
Drew Architects is at its core a boutique architectural design studio, founded on honesty and integrity and inspired by
GMB Architects
We are a small ‘hands on’ practice with a professional and business attitude towards the provision of architectural services
Essar Design
AWARD WINNING ARCHITECTURAL & INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES YOU CAN AFFORD! + Innovative Solutions, Extensive Knowledge, Professionalism
Graftink Interior and Architectural Design Studio
Graftink is a multi disciplinary group of talented professionals specializing in architecture, interior design, project
AE Studio
AE Studio is a multi-discipline design studio based in the heart of Johannesburg. Creativity and passion are a part of who
In 2007 Leah Altini established Studio Altini Architects. Leah runs her practice as a catalyst for her ongoing research
DNA Architects SA
Creativity runs through Our DNA with our DNA your dreams comes alive. Our company offer these services: modern architecture
Upscale Design Architects
Upscale Design Architects is a small architectural company based in Johannesburg with a combined 10 years’ experience.  
Pieter Pieters Architect
I'm an Architect based in Johannesburg
Grand Design Professionals
Established in Johannesburg, South Africa. Grand Design Professionals (GDP) is a company that prides itself with a wealth
PWM Architects
We are a leading architectural firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established in 2003, we have a wide portfolio of
Urban Dwellers Design Studio
Urban Dwellers Design Studio is a small architectural and design firm based in Johannesburg. We believe no project is to
Blackline Architects
Blackline is a dynamic architectural practice based in Johannesburg that offers professional solutions locally and nationally
Human Voice Architects
High-quality architectural practice with keen eye for beauty, harmony and details, working towards an organic unity between
Starfield Architects
Starfield Architects specializes in unique, crafted and bespoke solutions at every possible scale for your next home or
Koen and Associates Architecture
Koen and Associates Architecture is an architectural practice evolving in tandem with the Built environment and South African
Edge Design Studio Architects
Edge Design Studio Architects, based in  Johannesburg, is a dynamic design studio comprising of passionate professional
House Plans SA
With over three decades of professional experience and service in the field of architecture and interior design, House Plans

Owning a house in Johannesburg is a dream for many South Africans. As the largest city in the country, the city is a hub of business and culture. In recent years, Joburg has been breaking away from the decline that it witnessed over the past two decades and is transforming into a vibrant city that is optimistic about its future.

In the centre of the city, once-decrepit buildings are being converted into new loft apartments. Development projects, such as the one in Maboneng precinct (once an industrial area), are prime examples of successful urban renewal projects implemented through a private initiative. However, the city still suffers from a significant divide between affluent and poverty-stricken areas. Wealthy neighbourhoods usually have large houses protected by western-standard security systems, since the crime rate has not declined. Still, many people choose to make Johannesburg their home as it is an important commercial centre.

What should I know about building or renovating a house in Johannesburg?

Before you start constructing or renovating a house or apartment in Johannesburg, you need to ensure that the plans comply with the regulations and national standards prescribed by the South African Bureau of Standards. Alternatively, you can contact one of the Johannesburg architects registered on our portal to get their assistance in designing and implementing your project. They can also advise you on the right design as well as the materials that are ideal for the city's climate as temperatures in Johannesburg vary from the around 35°C in summer to single digits in winter.

Are there different guidelines for new projects and old buildings?

The national building regulations don't apply only to new structures. Before you alter an existing house or building, you need to get the plans sanctioned by the local authorities or municipality. These guidelines cover both exterior and interior modifications or additions, including building patios or swimming pools in the yard or renovating kitchens and bathrooms. Once again, working with a local architect will keep the entire process hassle-free as they are experienced in the requirements prescribed by the law and will design and implement your project, ensuring that all the requisite compliances are met.

What type of house should I build?

This can vary depending on your specific requirements such as whether you prefer the minimalist style or the rustic charm of a country-style house. Additionally, you need to consider the location of the plot, the need for security, as well as proper insulation so that the house is comfortable to live in throughout the year. You can browse through the house designs on our portal to get ideas on features that you would like to include in your home.

What are the recommended materials to use, while constructing a house in Johannesburg?

The type of material to use for building your home will depend upon the design as well as your budget. Like in houses around the world, wood, brick, stone and precast concrete are popular choices for house construction. Once you contact an architect, you can explain your requirements and mention the budget you have in mind, so that they can design the house and draw the plans to suit it. They can also present you with the types of materials that you  can use, based on which you can opt for the ones that best suit your style and budget.

The price of materials used for house construction can vary depending upon the quality. For example, clay bricks can cost around R 1245 for 1000 bricks, whereas cement hollow blocks cost almost four times as much at R 6500 for the same number of blocks.

How much will it cost to build a house in Johannesburg?

The size of the house, the design, as well as the types of materials will determine the total cost of building a house in Johannesburg. As per recent estimates, the average cost of building a freestanding house in the Gauteng province, in which Johannesburg is located, is R 6,102 per square meter. A townhouse can cost approximately R 7,118 per square meter.

Should I hire an architect or build on my own?

While there is nothing to stop you from building your dream house using your own skills and effort, it's always best to get the professional expertise of an architect to ensure that the money you spend on building your house is used wisely. Constructing a house needs technical expertise such as estimating the strength of the foundation required to bear the weight of the structure, or including support columns to distribute the load of the roof. Unless you are suitably qualified for this, it's advisable to consult an architect or construction professional as they have the knowledge and skills to help you get it right the first time around and to ensure that your house lasts for many years.

How do I get started on building my house in Johannesburg?

On homify, you will find listings of the professional architects in Johannesburg. Fill up the online form to get a free consultation. Based on the interactions that you have with a few architects, you can choose the one with whom you feel the most comfortable. Besides getting the professional expertise to ensure that your house is built to suit your needs, working with an architect will save you the trouble of getting your house plans approved and making sure that all the necessary compliances are met to get the occupation certificate, so that you don't have to tear things down after the house is completed. 

Additionally, you will get a better idea of the latest materials or architectural trends that are ideal for your house. Since architects work regularly with construction material suppliers and builders, they can get you the materials at the most reasonable prices. You won't have to bother with trying to find specialized labour for tasks such as laying the floor tiles or waterproofing the bathrooms, as the architect's team will handle all this for you. All you need to do is visit your house periodically to see its progress. This will give you plenty of time to identify a suitable interior architect or designer who can help you to decorate the rooms and make your dream house a reality.

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