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Cape Town is a multicultural city and the legislative capital of the country, which makes it a popular choice for those looking to own or build a home in South Africa. The coastal city's Mediterranean climate also works in its favour as summers are dry and warm, while winters are quite mild with moderate rainfall. If you are planning to build a house in Cape Town and have questions about how to go about it, we at homify have the answers for you. Of course, the most important step in the process is to find the right architects in Cape Town. Read on for more information on building or remodelling your house in the Western Cape province.

What will it cost to build a house in Cape Town?

The construction costs of a house vary significantly depending upon the size of the house, the terrain on which it is built as well as the number of floors that it will have, among other factors. For example, a standalone single-family house will cost less than a townhouse with two or three floors. However, in general, the average cost of building a house in the Western Cape province, where Cape Town is located, is R 6,136 per square metre for a standalone house. For a townhouse, this cost escalates slightly to around R 6,510 per square metre.

What do I need to know before I start building my house in Cape Town?

Like in other cities across the country, all buildings in Cape Town must comply with the
architectural design standards laid down by the South African Bureau of Standards. Additionally, the Development Management Department in Cape Town has land use and zoning restrictions, which need to be adhered to by any construction. Therefore, before you get started, it's vital to ensure that your house plans are approved by the concerned authorities, because the last thing you want is to be forced to break down a portion of your new house once its completed, as it doesn't meet the specifications prescribed by the authorities.

The process of visiting offices to get your plans sanctioned is not the easiest, but with the help of a local architect in Cape Town, the task will become much simpler.

Do I require any approvals for making alterations to an existing building?

Due to the zoning regulations prescribed by the authorities, you need to get even the simplest of plans approved by the concerned authorities. It might be a project that you consider to be a minor change in the house's architecture, such as building a boundary wall around your house, or adding a patio in the garden, or even knocking down a few walls in the interiors to create an open-plan design, but this will require permission from the municipality or even the environment or heritage authorities. As a homeowner, it's impossible for you to know about the process of getting these permissions for altering the exterior or interior architecture, and this is where using the expertise of Cape Town architects or interior architects can help you.

I have a plan in mind for my house. How do I get the necessary approvals to get started with the construction?

House plans need to be professionally drawn before they can be approved. Unless, you are a trained architect, you will need to consult a professional to get the plans drawn so that they can be submitted for approval by the authorities. On the homify platform, you will find listings of the professional Cape Town architects. Browse through the photographs of the homes that they have built to get an idea of the quality of their work. Then, you can fill up the online form for a free consultation before choosing the architect who you think will be the best suited for your project.

Can the architects advise me on what type of materials to use for my house?

As they have years of experience in designing and building or altering houses in the province, your Cape Town architect is the best person to advise you on the most suitable materials to use for building your house. The pleasant year-round temperatures in the city make it ideal for Mediterranean-style houses with brick walls and terracotta tiles, but houses with modern architecture that use concrete and glass can work just as well. Explain your requirements and lifestyle to the local architect so that he can design a house with the right type of materials to make it comfortable to live in throughout the year.

Why do I need the services of an architect once the plans are sanctioned?

While you might think that you will save on the overall cost by building the house on your own, using the sanctioned plans, this is not necessarily true. Architects have the expertise to ensure that everything goes as per plan, besides having experienced subcontractors who can do specialized tasks, whether it's fixing glass windows or laying roof tiles. If you were to undertake this on your own, a lot of time and money would be spent on finding skilled contractors for each of these tasks. In the long term, the additional amount that you pay towards architect's fees will be well worth the expense as you will have a house that is built to perfection and with the minimum hassle.

How do I find the right architect to work with?

On homify, we make it easy for you to find a Cape Town architect who can help you design and build your dream house. You can browse through the hundreds of photographs of houses in South Africa to get inspiration on the elements that you would like to include in your house. Then, fill up the online contact form and submit it so that one of the local professional from the Cape Town architect directory can get in touch with you. You can explain your requirements as well as budget, based on which they will draw up plans. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can choose an architect to get started with building your house in Cape Town. 

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