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At A-nat we are dedicated to create and renovate homes of high aesthetic and constructive quality, guided by the principles of sustainability. For us, sustainable architecture is the basis of our work, and we revolve around it. 

The world is going through a worsening environmental crisis and the search for solutions that have an impact on our environment is growing day by day. Recycling and renewable energies are good options, however, it is time to bet on sustainable resources in construction, architecture and interior design to create a significant and impactful impact on this cause.

A-nat, which comes from "natural architecture", arises with the intention of creating environmentally-friendly spaces. A model of architecture centered on local consumption, which allows relating the environmental issue with the cultural tradition of each region, achieving the prevention of global warming, the improvement of air quality, and the recovery of the landscape quality of the cities.

What is sustainable architecture? We can describe it as the discipline of architectural design that takes into consideration the optimization of natural resources in order to minimize the environmental impact of building construction.

We are concerned with improving our environment and the way we live in it, ensuring maximum energy efficiency, reducing its consumption by at least 70% compared to average consumption.

We have a short and long-term objective: to reduce the environmental impact in the building sector, creating sustainable buildings, and be pioneers in sustainable architecture in Spain. We want to completely reduce the environmental impact in our country due to buildings, which currently account for 36% of total CO2 emissions.

Plaza Cisneros 7
46003 Valencia


No suelo poner comentarios en este tipo de plataformas pero cuando el trabajo y el trato es excelente, hay que darle reconocimiento. Si buscas un proyecto de arquitectura e interiorismo sostenible, te recomiendo A-nat 100%. La profesionalidad, el cuidado de los detalles y acabados, el buen gusto y las propuestas innovadoras para ayudarte a mejorar la vivienda son espectaculares.
almost 3 years ago
Project date: March 2021
No puedo estar más contenta con el proyecto de interiorismo que han realizado en mi casa. Trabajo totalmente sostenible y con un gusto impecable.
almost 3 years ago
Project date: January 2021
Una experiencia muy grata, grandes profesionales con excelentes ideas, muy recomendables
almost 3 years ago
Project date: January 2021