TORA bramy i ogrodzenia


About TORA
Workshop TORA (from Ger. Die Tore- door, gate) is a kind of input (and hence the name) to the world of uniqueness. We create works of art with metal- gates and fences that adorn the residences scattered throughout the world, from North America to Australia. Decades of experience and tradition, handed down from generation to generation, have allowed us to offer you unique projects that are the essence of craftsmanship. This rare, because coming in amounts of at most a dozen units per year. Therefore each gate which is the fruit of our manufacture is extremely polished, so she could inspire admiration and delight, adding residences due to their uniqueness ...

History and Heritage
1934r. Dąbie, Poland Blacksmith Józef Skrobania opens forge. He isn't aware that forms the foundation for one of the most unusual activity in the world ... Workshop TORA, officially established by the great-grandchildren of the precursor, Arthur and Adrian Bauer. Four generations and related tens of years of experience and tradition in the blacksmith's craft, gave the founders of the courage and motivation to create the Workshop, which will be a tribute to the blacksmith's art craft, showing its potential and beauty ...

With decades of years of tradition in the blacksmith's craft and collected all these years of experience, we are able to offer you a unique work, also in terms of performance. Each gate coming out of our workshop, is the result of manual work of highly specialized craftsmen, among which the most masterful craftsmanship reached. This fact translates directly into more than average quality of each work, His technical sophistication, refinement everyone, even the smallest element. Therefore, the fruits of our manufactures are so rare - every year our Laboratory leaving most a dozen gates, and the norm is a few doors every year ... 

The uniqueness of the work testifies to a large extent its design. Therefore, attach to it special attention. Our gates are to move, to appeal to the higher emotions. Arouse curiosity and delight. The key to our designers is an artistic interpretation of the world around us. It allows us to show its beauty while providing an opportunity to express ourselves.

TORA & Diamonds
As befits a true work of art craft, each of our gate you can customize to your liking. From coverage of the gate with gold, silver, brass or bronze after a tedious blowing it by the masters of jewelry with diamonds, emeralds or Swarovski crystals. Thus making your door even more unique, emphasizing the individuality and character of your mansion.

Nadrzeczna 8
62-660 Dąbie