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DESIGNING INTERIORS.TELLING YOUR STORY. We believe in your story and use our crazy design skills and oozing creativity to tell it. This means that we not only put our thinking caps on for every project, but we also wear them throughout the project - always trying new and quirky ways of doing things.  WE DESIGN HOLISTICALLY.  Every interior has a function and user - some functions are busy, some users are short. We make sure both work together perfectly and symmetrically.  STRESS FREE.  Renovations are stressful and they say that a change is as good as a holiday. We handle the stress so that you can enjoy the holiday - it’s as simple as that. So how do we live up to our mission?  We love to be rebellious with our design. None of this sticking to what’s trendy with what every other house has on the block. No, we are different. We are fun. We are out there, and yes, we are even witty. Of course we always take into consideration your personality and specific quirks, to create a space that you will love and relate to, but then we add some sparkle and brilliance and turn your space into a conversation point.  We think out of the box with every design. Interiors can look good; they can even make it into fancy magazines for originality - but if their looks don’t go together with usefulness, you might as well pack up your stuff and move out.  Our goal is create you a space that works well, looks phenomenal and makes you want to never look at another home again. We do this by taking into consideration who you are as a person; what you want; what annoys you and what makes you happy. We then use our mad skills and crazy attention to detail (the devil is in the detail), to create you a home that you would invite your rich distant cousins to.  We are all about family. We love getting to know the family who we are designing for, so that we can incorporate all the different personalities into our ideas. Families are amazing in that one person will love bright, funky design, while another will love everything clean and simple. We take these different personality types and embark on creating something that everyone will love and appreciate without starting World War 3. As we said before - we will make your life stress free, so that you can enjoy the family time together.

  • Services sound a bit like we are fixing your car. We prefer to say that we are offering you a space transformation
  • rather than a service. Our goal is to make your life simpler
  • better and fuller by creating you an interior like no other—from concept to technical documentation to final installation—making it a smooth and easy process. To put it simply
  • we will help you build up your ideas and dreams
  • we'll form a design based on them
  • with amazing interior ideas and then make it happen. Check out the list of space transformation steps we offer below—if it has anything to do with interior design or interior decorating
  • you've come to the right place. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our interior design offerings or just for general enquiries. We are excited to work with you and look forward to transforming your space and your life.
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  • Residential and commercial
  • Westville
Company awards
International Property Awards. Best Interior Design Private Residence South Africa. 
7 Westville Rd
3629 Westville
South Africa