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Prefab Homes

Prefab Homes

Find the best ideas and designs and create your perfect prefab home. Browse through ideabooks and photos to get inspired, or find a professional to help build your perfect prefabricated house.
Find the best ideas and designs and create your perfect prefab home. Browse through ideabooks and photos to get inspired, or find a professional to help build your perfect prefabricated house.

The way many of us remember prefabs from school days in the long hot South Africa Summers and Winters, they were never really the most comfortable of surroundings.

With a directory of thousands of professionals, you are sure to find one close to you and that is suited to your prefab house needs. Check out our many professionals who can help you from concept to completion.

Are there different types of prefab homes?

There are a variety of different prefab homes. Professional architects do the planning, designing, constructing form, space and ambience, which reflect functional, environmental and aesthetic considerations.

For warm climates such as Africa, two main prefabricated construction methods are often recommended: Steel Prefabricated Homes or Modular Prefab Homes of Cement. These affordable prefabricated methods provide quality and durable prefab homes.

Alternative energy sources are a major benefit for prefab homes. Solar and wind energy ensure that homeowners always have lights and a warm shower. Load shedding has had a major impact on utilities thus homeowners living in Africa have unique needs such as alternative energy sources in order to deal with the power shortages.  ‘Green’ Modular Homes are inherently more sustainable than site-built housing. Very little material in the construction facility goes to waste.

The modular home industry also tends to build smaller amounts and it is considered as a green and logistical advantage. Any green home buyer should appreciate that modular homes are a very environmentally sustainable option in Africa too. 

What are some advantages of a prefab house?

They are quick and easy to create. Prefab homes are built off site, projects thus has a faster construction speed. Being assembled in conjunction with the foundation preparation. The time saved translates to cost reduction and the owner can occupy the house faster.

Steel and concrete modular constructions are fire resistant and provide more rigidity and load bearing ability. Steel and concrete modular constructions have much more longer life span than traditional homes. Construction is built on a permanent foundation and conforms to all African building norms.

Prefab homes are produced at factories under controlled environments. This process produces less material waste during the production, making it more eco-friendly. Concrete components are made with precision containers and are shipped to the building site for assembly.

Designed correctly, a prefabricated house can create a perfectly comfortable shelter and with a housing shortage in Africa and other developing regions, there has been a large demand for prefab homes. Prefab houses are a perfect solution to the housing crisis as they provide an affordable, durable and quick solution.

Building prefab homes may be quick and easy but still require planning from start to finish. The best way to help you with prefab house plans is to start shortlisting architects or prefab house professionals. There are many ways to go about home planning and homify is one of them.

Where can I find inspiration for prefab homes?

For the best value available to reflect your lifestyle, browse the homify site for different professionals and ideas. Be sure to check and prefab house plans on the web where you will find custom design concrete prefab modular structures to meet each unique style to suit your functional and style needs.

Architects, typically provide drawings, plans and technical specifications, which defines the structure. Documentation provides cost estimation; include scheduling, and construction administration of the project.

Relatively extreme climates in the peak of SA Summers or Winters mean prefab homes need to withstand the most challenging weather conditions. homify is here to help in design ideas, trends, and technologies, with loads of professionals at your fingertips.

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