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Bursa in Time – Kızyakup City Park

Bursa Osmangazi Municipality National Urban Design and Architectural Project Competition for Kızyakup City Park – 2006, Recognition Award Oktan Nalbantoglu, Ufuk Ertem, Okan Can, Tugba Akyol

“Courtyard of an old mosque in Bursa Voices of small water fountain. Orhan time having a wall… Old plane in her mourning Eliminating a calm day four sides. Heartbreak of having increased from a dream Deeply within me laughing. Hundreds of coolness from the fountain The green plains of the blue sky And the most divine of the architecture.” Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar

Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century political, influenced by social and economic change, aer Istanbul and Izmir city that was one of the first modern public spaces. Aer the great earthquake of 1855, prepared in early 1862 1/6000 scale plans prepared at various times in the city plan was followed. Surrounding settlements in pioneering attitude when on Bursa's modernization has also influenced. Grilled organic urban fabric placed on immigrant neighborhoods planned in all programs are outstanding. Early Republican period aer unplanned constructions and in the walls of Bursa due to the high migration and incompatible with existing neighborhoods Ottoman urban fabric has occurred. The competition area is located in the midst of the urban tension. The main objective of this project brought to the forefront of the cultural heritage of Bursa, is transferred to the future with maintaining and contemporary living spaces proposed. The project to build a model of the old and new interactions, aims to rethink the main city and the walls relations. There are four basic formative of the project: historical buildings; the cadastral parcel from the past; water, air, earth and the sun and the natural elements that can be grouped as pedestrian - vehicle movement patterns. Kızyakup city on the northern side of the park 'Art square, and south of the' courtyard Square called 'a variety of activities, urban spaces will be the feast and concert' urban meadow 'format continues and streams—are coupled with Gökdere the pool. Art Square, the new center of Bursa, Courtyard Square historic pedestrian promenade that connects the backbone of the project to the city center. Ahmet Hamdi considered the continuation of the historic city walls Tanpınar monument is designed as a wall that cuts the city meadow. History trail redefined local species of cypress wood is used in all of the parks.

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