Geyser repairs in pretoria east 0716260952 (no call out fee) by geyser repairs pretoria east 0714866959 (no call out fee) classic | homify
Geyser Repairs in Pretoria East 0716260952 (No Call Out Fee) by Geyser Repairs Pretoria East 0714866959 (No Call Out Fee) Classic
Geyser Repairs in Pretoria East 0716260952 (No Call Out Fee) by Geyser Repairs Pretoria East 0714866959 (No Call Out Fee) Classic
Geyser Repairs in Pretoria East 0716260952 (No Call Out Fee) by Geyser Repairs Pretoria East 0714866959 (No Call Out Fee) Classic

Pretoria East geyser repair 0716260952 (No Call Out Fee)

Pretoria East plumbers have been doing geyser repairs in and around the Pretoria East area for the past lifetime. We at Pretoria East Plumbers have compiled a list of repairs we have done on faulty geysers in the area:Faulty high pressure valve in Pretoria East

High pressure valves regulates the water pressure applied to your geyser and they regularly become faulty  because the plumbers that frequent the Pretoria East area fit reconditioned high pressure valves at an amazing reduced rate. The problem with this is the fact that those reconditioned valves does not last long and not long from now you are stuck in the same situation and it is for this reason that Pretoria East Plumbers only fit genuine parts to ensure the best possible service to you.Faulty TP vales in Pretoria East

We have found the same situation as with high pressure valves that the TP valves fitted to some geysers are not up to standard and this is why Pretoria East Plumbers will only fit name brand genuine parts to ensure that you will enjoy thousands of hours of joy from your geyser and its parts.Leaking geysers in Pretoria East

We simply replace the geyser with a good quality name brand that will last you with a guarantee in the Pretoria East and surrounding areas.Burst pipes around the geyser in the Pretoria East and surrounding areas

When we come across a burst geyser we advice our clients in Pretoria East are and replace them with the best possible name brand while we cover the new geyser with a guarantee.

These are just some of the problems we help clients with in the Pretoria East area.

Burst geyser Pretoria East

Often water is seen spewing out at the side of your house in Pretoria East, and we tend to leave it, only to find that the water keeps on running. This is one of the most common signs that the geyser has burst regularly seen in Pretoria East.Our fully trained plumbers in Pretoria East are available to come and inspect and ensure that you and your family could continue enjoying a hot bath.In Pretoria East area, it is most common found that geysers burst due to absence of vacuum breakers.These breakers are specifically installed to ensure that pressure is released from the geyser protecting your geyser in Pretoria East, due to the space between the compartment and water.Every time water is shut off by the Pretoria East municipality, we run the geyser empty because we don’t realize that the water still coming from the tap, runs from the geyser as the outside pipes are often already run dry.Most residents in Pretoria East does not know this, the geyser runs empty, and when the water is turned back on, there is a tremendous air pocket that needs to be ridden of, as the water needs the space to fill the geyser.The amount of trapped air inside the geyser then compresses – a real problem in Pretoria East, and with either worn, or no vacuum breakers present to release the extra air, the geyser is not able to handle the extreme compression and then bursts.Pretoria East Plumbers are professional plumbers with experience exceeding 15 years and are all fully qualified to replace your geyser according to SABS Standards.Pretoria East Plumbers only install genuine parts and also offer a 5 year guarantee on the geyser installed, meaning that we will come and repair or replace any faulty part on the geyser for free, should you have any problems within the next five years, from date of installation.Here at Pretoria East Plumbers, we strive to please you as our valued customer, and therefore place service quality above all other companies.For best results and professional service, call Pretoria East Plumbers today.

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