New building design in beverly hills, ca by s3da design modern concrete | homify

S3DA Design provided structural and architectural design services for a modern single family home in Beverly Hills,CA . At first, the client specified his requirements and ideas about architectural part of the project. Our architectural team started the preliminary design and encountered the first challenge in aligning the architectural and structural aspects. There was a large span in the living room and we had to use large steel beams. With some changes in architectural plan, we could use timber beams. So, we suggested to the client to apply these minor changes in the architectural plan.

At first the client disagreed. We explained advantages and disadvantages for each solution and offered our recommendations about this case. Finally the client agreed to change the architectural plans. Also we were faced with another challenge in the first floor framing due to large span in the parking ceiling. We had to design an exposed column under the steel beam in the parking area to reduce main steel beam size. This column was placed in a suitable location facilitating cars movements while entering and exiting.

Colour: Grey
Material: Concrete
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