The high-quality design of QBAR, Johannesburg

Here on homify we like to mix it up a bit, meaning that sometimes you’ll get a glimpse of a residential space, and other times we’ll move on to something different. Today’s highlight is no exception, as we’ll be taking a look at a top-class design fo…

11 November, 2023

Deborah Garth Talks To homify About Her Fascinating Journey as an Interior Designer

Not every career choice is planned. Some paths reveal themselves serendipitously, leading to unexpected yet fulfilling forays. In our interview with Johannesburg-based Interior Designer Deborah Garth, we delve into her journey from dance to design, c…

03 November, 2023

How to Put Together the Perfect Entertainment Set-Up to Watch the 2024 African Cup of Nations

The upcoming 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (or 2023 AFCON), which has been delayed until January 2024, will be the 34th edition of the biennial football tournament, and the host nation this time is the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire).

13 September, 2023

How to Adapt Your Living Space to Your Sports Betting Hobby

A favourite hobby can be the inspiration for setting up a space. For crafters, it could be a corner of a room dedicated to storage and work surfaces. Avid readers will likely lean more towards a cosy corner chair, lamp and side table.

15 August, 2023

From Blank Space to Brilliant Open-Plan Layout

Today’s dose of design inspiration comes from Deborah Garth Interior Design International (Pty)Ltd , the interior design-and-decorating firm located in Johannesburg. The owner, Deborah Garth, is regarded as one of South Africa’s foremost interior des…

30 April, 2023

Lighting 101: Working with Recessed Lighting

Whether it’s garden goodies, hallway storage or brighter bathrooms, here on homify we are always ready with tips and tricks to help you get that luxurious look for your home. And today we are tackling recessed lighting, which is lighting fixtures ins…

25 April, 2023

A Stunning Sunroom by Deborah Garth International

For more than 30 years, the interior-design firm Deborah Garth Interior Design International (Pty)Ltd has been helping clients get in touch with upmarket properties and first-rate designs, whether it’s residential areas (from renovated kitchens to re…

24 April, 2023

Modern lights for the living room

As stated in the name, your ‘living’ room is where you usually do most of your living, whether that entails watching TV, relaxing on a sofa, or hosting guests. But in order to do all of these tasks successfully, you require the correct lighting, espe…

22 April, 2023

An Outstanding Tropical-themed Short-term Rental Studio Relies on Custom Design

Uniqueness is a key factor that makes for a memorable vacation. So, the success of a short-term rental apartment depends on it. But it’s not easy to achieve and requires the creative thinking of an interior designer within the client’s brief and budg…

10 February, 2023

The “Arts and Crafts” Style of A Renovated Family Home

When it comes to upmarket style and designs, Deborah Garth is certainly in the know. After all, she’s been the owner and interior designer of Johannesburg-based Deborah Garth Interior Design International (Pty)Ltd  since March 1992.

09 February, 2023