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Effortless suburban elegance by Johannesburg interior designers

From Johannesburg comes our latest design highlight: CKW Lifestyle, the premier interior design firm specialising in high-end projects across South Africa. Comprising an in-house interior design service, CKW Lifestyle has over two decades’ worth of e…

06 March, 2019

Explore the modern family house by Johannesburg architects

When it comes to beautiful property and building designs in general, it takes the works of a skilled architect and design team to accomplish. You can be at ease knowing that your project is taken care of even the intricate stuff or problems that may…

04 March, 2019

The R3 million facelift for a Cape Town home

Francois Marais Architects is regarded as one of the country’s most esteemed architectural companies. With branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the firm has built an impressive portfolio detailing commercial- and residential projects across South…

02 March, 2019

A Plantation style home by Johannesburg interior designers

Located in Johannesburg, Deborah Garth Interior Design was established in March 1992. For more than 26 years, the firm has been specialising in high-end residential-, corporate-, and retail projects throughout South Africa, as well as abroad in Engla…

27 February, 2019

Interview with the pros in Cape Town: Just Interior Design

For today’s piece, we thought our readers might like a treat in the form of an in-depth interview with professional interior design firm Just Interior Design. Based in Cape Town (but taking charge of design projects nationwide), Just Interior Design…

25 February, 2019

6 renovation projects that will increase your home’s value

Thinking about selling? In today’s property market one needs to take into account a variety of facts before making a move, and that includes renovation tasks to up your home’s current value.

24 February, 2019

A full modern home by Johannesburg architects

Our newest residential discovery comes from Top Centre Properties in Johannesburg. As a privately owned property development company, Top Centre Properties is fully committed to top-notch results when it comes to full property development, architectu…

23 February, 2019

What and who you need before hiring a contractor in South Africa

No two building / constructing projects need be the same, which means everything from your budget and timeline to your type of professionals will differ from another’s. However, there are certain things that always remain the same, including the step…

22 February, 2019

An interview with Johannesburg interior design firm Spegash Interiors

Here on homify we have no shortage of inspirational designs and spaces, from up-class residential houses to amazing industrial offices and even a few luxurious yachts. But often we want to find out more about the professionals behind those amazing de…

21 February, 2019

Save vs. splurge: Interior designer's advice for spending on furniture

It’s no surprise that decorating a home can cost an arm and a leg. However, you may be surprised to learn that a tight budget can also be enough for a beautifully decorated house – it all depends on how you plan your shopping sprees! The secret? Mixi…

20 February, 2019