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11 pantry ideas for South African homes

The pantry is most often one of a house’s hidden spaces, but does that mean that it can’t enjoy a look-at-me style? And what if you are in need of more storage space for kitchen goodies, but don’t have the luxury of a walk-in pantry?This, and other c…

How to budget for a home renovation

Whether you want to rip out your kitchen cabinets or give your entire home from floor to ceiling a new look, planning a renovation project properly from the start is crucial. And that includes setting up a proper budget to ensure you can hire the bes…

The Pretoria architects who renovated a beautiful Victorian house

With an impressive portfolio, growing client base and an unmatched dedication to excellence, it’s no wonder that Nuclei Lifestyle Design is becoming one of South Africa’s premium architectural firms.

26 June, 2019

A Cape Town apartment with picture-perfect interiors

Your home is one of your favourite places in the world because there truly is “no place like home”. That said, we think it’s obvious that you’d want to create an unique place that has your ideal signature touch as well as displays everything that you…

5 amazing benefits of hiring an architect to design your home

Designing the home of your dreams takes more than simply having an idea. It takes careful planning, creativity, and the mastermind of a seasoned architect.When it comes to staying on-trend with property designs, the team of architects keeps their fin…

7 tips to make your home look more spacious

Nobody wants to live in a small, cramped space. But it’s also true that not all of us have extensive budgets to spend on mansions and gigantic home renovations. Fortunately, we’re not all doom and gloom here on homify, otherwise there’d be no point t…

24 June, 2019

Johannesburg kitchen designers reveal a stunning cooking space

Zingana Kitchens from Johannesburg is the star of today’s homify 360° piece, particularly one of its latest creations. But first, a bit more about the company!Ever since opening its doors in 2010, Zingana Kitchens has been wowing the Johannesburg mar…

24 June, 2019

Johannesburg designers show how to accessorise your home

They say the devil is in the detail; we say they are absolutely correct, seeing as we know the importance of small decorative items and accessories. Even Interior Designers and Decorators are formally trained on how rugs, scatter cushions, wall art,…

21 June, 2019

13 pictures of feature walls for your inspiration

You don’t have to be a professional Interior Designer and Decorator in order to showcase a ground-breaking feature wall in your home – that’s what homify is for! With our help, you’ll know the simple tips and tricks that the experts apply when workin…

20 June, 2019

How much do shipping container homes cost in South Africa?

It certainly is a great time to be alive for those of us interested in design and architecture. How so? Because we are witnessing one of the greatest architectural evolutions: the rise of shipping container homes.

20 June, 2019