And the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 is...

Every December, New Jersey-based Pantone, the international colour forecasting authority, names the new hue which they feel will become the trendiest tint for the following 12 months.

06 December, 2018

4 of South Africa’s most popular house design styles

Every type of architectural style has a history to it. But as the South African architectural landscape is still relatively young (compared to Europe and America), our country offers fewer house design styles.

05 December, 2018

Enchanting eclectic interiors by Sandton interior designers

Our homify 360° discovery for today zooms in on CS Design, an interior design firm based in Sandton, Johannesburg. Providing first-rate interior design solutions for a range of industries (from residential and hospitality to commercial), CS Design bo…

04 December, 2018

Safety first: How to secure your home

With Christmas holidays fast approaching, many of us are already planning where we’ll be spending our year-end breaks. But not nearly enough South Africans are doubling up on safety measures to keep their homes and valuables safe, whether they’ll be…

03 December, 2018

Cheap and easy DIY Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas is but a few weeks away, but it doesn’t have to be the season to go bankrupt! Not with our easy and creative handmade Christmas decorating ideas that include anything from table décor to oversized stars and trees – perfect for your living r…

02 December, 2018

Using the colour black: An inspiring office of Johannesburg designer

Designing your interiors allows you the liberty of creating a custom space that you’ll always be proud of. DEBORAH GARTH INTERIOR DESIGN specializes in high-end residential interior designs and offers a turnkey service suited to their client’s specif…

01 December, 2018

7 Stylish custom wall units that turns heads

When it comes to creating that signature look for your home, few options does it as well as custom furniture. KORI INTERIORS are one of Johannesburg’s leading interior designers specializing in custom furniture.

28 November, 2018

homify’s best ideas for choosing kitchen lights

Say what you will about kitchens, but they’ve certainly come a long way since the olden days when they were solely meant for cooking and prepping meals. When it comes to modern kitchens, they are one of the most sought-after spaces for socialising an…

26 November, 2018

The perfect interior design for low-budget, 1st-time homeowners

When it comes to interior design, getting to the core of clients’ wants and needs is fundamental. Fortunately, Spegash Interiors has the unique ability to understand exactly what it is its clientele expects (deluxe results, for one thing) and expand…

24 November, 2018

How to choose the right paint colours

We all know that when it comes to quickly styling up a wall or changing the look and vibe of a room, few things come close to a beautiful paintjob. Best of all, painting (when done properly, of course) is one of the DIY tasks that can be completed wi…

23 November, 2018