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The high-class home (in progress) by Spegash Interiors

As one of South Africa’s most seasoned interior design firms, Spegash Interiors boasts a growing portfolio showcasing numerous projects in the commercial, residential, and retail industries.

16 December, 2019

The bespoke designer furniture of CKW Lifestyle

Seasoned interior design firm CKW Lifestyle, located in Johannesburg, is so much more than your average little studio focused on pretty wallpaper and scatter cushions. Since being founded by its head designer Craig K.

15 December, 2019

15 Small houses facade ideas that will work on a small budget

A facade is all about the looks and longevity in style design and architecture. You don’t need a big property for the ideal facade. Small houses can have some beautiful facades too.

15 December, 2019

The modern Parkview home renovation

Since being established back in 1991, CS Design has swiftly evolved to become one of South Africa’s busiest and experienced interior design companies. Located in Sandton, Johannesburg, CS Design has built up quite the impressive portfolio detailing m…

14 December, 2019

6 contemporary home trends by Dessiner Interior Architectural

Trend and time are both fleeting, yet if you have the means to indulge a little and treat your interiors to some “hot” looks, then why not? That is the attitude we want to adopt today, particularly as we’ll be taking a look at some prime project piec…

12 December, 2019

The serene style of Metaphor Design

Our source of design inspiration for today comes from Metaphor Design. Located in Johannesburg, Metaphor Design is an interior design firm that brings a wealth of experience, talent, and creativity to every project.

10 December, 2019

9 touches to ensure a stylish modern living room

Many homeowners consider the word “modern” to be dirty. That’s because they usually associate any modern room with a cold and dull space. But today we are here to set those people straight, as we have 9 tips and examples that prove beyond a doubt tha…

03 December, 2019

10 Must see dressing room and closet ideas for small spaces

Having a small dressing room and closet can leave very little “room” for improvement. Pardon the pun! While this may seem the obvious case, the truth is that you can get more from these small spaces with a few minor changes.

02 December, 2019

Renovating your home with CS Design

Located in Sandton, CS Design is a seasoned interior design firm specialising in visual excellence. Known in South Africa (and quite a few spots overseas) as a provider of interior design solutions for various industries (residential and hospitality…

27 November, 2019

8 beautiful houses that prove small can be stylish

It’s common sense that living in a small space can lead to certain difficulties, such as trying to fit everything in. Add to that the fact that we want our (small) homes to look beautiful and it becomes an even bigger challenge.

24 November, 2019