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The stylish eclectic renovation by Rykon Construction

Rykon Construction is located in Johannesburg. Established back in 2001, this building company has accumulated a wealth of experience to become one of the country’s leaders in the construction industry.

18 November, 2019

10 stylish kitchens that prove small is the new big

Gone are the days when giant, oversized cooking spaces were considered trendy. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a large kitchen, as it comes with a comfy batch of advantages. But large kitchens were the in thing in the 1990s.

17 November, 2019

The brilliantly renovated Bedfordview Villa by CKW Lifestyle Associates

Back in 1996, CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd was known as Craig Whitehead Interiors. Pretty soon, this Johannesburg company, consisting of experienced and professional interior designers, transformed into CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd as it succ…

13 November, 2019

The right professionals for a classic kitchen design

There is something about a kitchen sporting a classic look. Sure, super modern and contemporary cooking spaces have their advantages, and we won’t ever bash on rustic-, Scandinavian-, or any other type of design style either.

12 November, 2019

Need a bedroom do-over? Let these 9 bedroom inspirations inspire you to renew yours now

Your bedroom is your haven when you want to lay your head down and recharge or simply escape the rest of the busy house. You don’t have to have a large bedroom, neither does yours need to be tiny to mean something special.

10 November, 2019

10 amazing colours for a small room’s walls

We all know the powerless feeling of wanting to enlarge a room, yet not having the budget to tear down a wall or add an extension. However, there are other easier ways of making a room seem and feel bigger – and it comes in a can of paint! Yes, paint…

03 November, 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Painting The Exterior Walls of Your Home: Contractors in Pretoria

Painting your property is not simply about changing its colour. Instead, it’s more about the perfect balance of aesthetics and texture to complement the overall property. Some people prefer neutral colours to “play it safe”, others are bold and like…

27 October, 2019

The R4.5 million renovation in Parktown

Our designer spotlight shines onto Rykon Construction today. Located in Johannesburg, Rykon Construction was established in 2001. And since then, it has become one of the most top-notch building firms in the country.

27 October, 2019

The magnificence of the Media Wall by Rayshon Pty Ltd

Our newest source of design inspiration comes from Rayshon Pty Ltd. Located in Sandton, Rayshon Pty Ltd provides various products to clients, including one of the most innovative and practical features designed to enhance one’s lifestyle in the 21st…

26 October, 2019

6 Things you should know before buying a container: Essential container grading tips

Containers have recently become a leading trend in South Africa. Reusing these storage spaces is an excellent way to “recycle” and “reuse” a space that could be otherwise wasted.

26 October, 2019