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Home improvement: the real cost of building a pool

Building a swimming pool, particularly if you do so DIY, is actually significantly cheaper than you might have thought. Summer is just around the corner and if you have the space in your garden, there is no better way to cool down than a dip in a swi…

30 October, 2020

8 images of backyard pools from South African homes

White picket fence and a backyard pool is part of every person’s dream home. If you are building your dream house on your home, you must see that everything goes on smoothly and is just the way you want it to be.

25 March, 2018

​The construction of a dreamy swimming pool

We’re off to Turkey for this one, where Sidar Pool & Dome Swimming Pools And Swimming Coverings invited us to take a look at their conjuring up of a beautiful swimming pool – just in time, too, while it’s still nice and hot here in sunny South Af…

13 February, 2018

11 pictures of pools for small yards (petite yet awesome)

Taking a dip in the rivers or salty ocean waters is not for everyone, especially young children. Does that mean there is no scope to enjoy swimming? Not exactly. You can still build a swimming pool in your tiny backyard, basement or terrace.

15 December, 2017

​7 agtererf idees vir hierdie somer

Dié van ons wat ‘n ruim stoep, tuin, erf of balkon tuis het is beslis bevoorreg, aangesien daardie spasie soveel potensiaal bied – nie net vir mooimaak aktiwiteite en dekorstukke nie, maar ook wanneer dit kom by ontspan en sosiaal verkeer.

14 December, 2017

​Before and after: an outdated pool gets a glorious new look

There’s no excuse to be stuck with an outdated space or element in (or outside) your home, whether that be a hallway floor, a living room fireplace, a kitchen island or even the little fence surrounding your garden – expert professionals and DIY tips…

10 December, 2017

​Different swimming pool designs to inspire you

With summer officially here, relaxing outdoors and taking a cool dip are just some of the things on many people’s ‘to do’ lists. And when it comes to swimming pools, fortunately we have numerous options at our disposal: from length and depth to colou…

08 December, 2017

​9 klein swembaddens om in af te koel

Danksy slim ontwerpers/bouers, het mens glad nie baie spasie nodig vir ‘n stylvolle swembad nie. Soms hoef mens nie eers ‘n gat te grawe om daardie aanloklike blou ontwerp in jou agterplaas te geniet nie!En met somer net om die hoek het ons besluit d…

25 November, 2017

​10 swimming pools perfect for smaller yards

Nothing beats diving into a cool blue pool to wash away the summer sweat, especially considering the high temperatures South Africa will be facing shortly. But if your back yard is not big enough to host a gigantic swimming pool, don’t feel left out…

13 November, 2017

6 ideas to consider before building a swimming pool

Is there anything better than diving into a cool, blue swimming pool? Probably not, especially considering that the seasons have turned and that well-known South African summer is around the corner.

25 October, 2017