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More rooms articles tips & information

10 Must see dressing room and closet ideas for small spaces

Having a small dressing room and closet can leave very little “room” for improvement. Pardon the pun! While this may seem the obvious case, the truth is that you can get more from these small spaces with a few minor changes.

02 December, 2019

5 fantastic ways to design your rooftop terrace in 2020

Opting to build yourself a rooftop terrace, or converting an existing one into a more functional space, can be quite the daunting (and costly) task. However, with the right professionals by your side, and committing to proper planning, it can be one…

19 October, 2019

​The pros and cons of 5 different garage doors

South Africans know all too well the importance of choosing the right materials for exterior surfaces, from roofs and patio floors to garden furniture. But let’s not forget that other important structure that keeps some of our most valuable possessio…

20 July, 2018

31 fantastic patio ideas for South African homes

No matter summer or winter, it's always nice to have an outdoor seating area like veranda, terrace, sun deck, or porch where you can dine, enjoy the sunbathing, or simply chill out with family and friends.

19 May, 2018

13 images of staircases in modern South African homes

Far more than a mere way of travelling from floor to floor, a staircase can also become a grand focal piece (if designed correctly, of course).Think of all the various spaces (houses, shopping malls, corporate offices, etc.

30 March, 2018

9 patios from homes in Durban you wouldn't want to miss

Is there anything better than having your own spacious patio/porch/terrace/balcony? Think about the potential it delivers: you can grab a cup of tea (or glass of wine, depending on the time of day) and enjoy a chat with a friend or some daydreaming b…

22 March, 2018

​Moderne trappe: 6 briljante voorbeelde vir jou

Trappe is dalk in die ou dae slegs gebruik om vloere met mekaar te verbind, maar deesdae kan ‘n trap net so deel van die argitektuur en dekor wees soos ‘n kaggel, muurpapier of selfs ‘n pragtige venster wat uitkyk op ‘n treflike tuin.

24 February, 2018

​14 afdak stoepe perfek vir somer

Pergolas, gazebos, sambrele… daar is soveel maniere om skadu en styl aan ‘n stoep te verleen, maak nie saak hoe groot of klein dit is nie. En as daardie stoep uitkyk op ‘n pragtige tuin, dan is dit nog soveel beter! Dink net aan die potensiaal in t…

15 February, 2018

​8 idees perfek vir ‘n somersbraai

Terwyl die sonskyn nog lekker warm is moet ons die beste daarvan maak, en vir Suid-Afrikaners is ‘n braai maar net een van die vele maniere waarop ons ons land se klimaat kan benut.

12 February, 2018

Stoepvloere: 16 stylvolle idees

Wanneer dit by stoepe, balkonne en ander areas buite die huis kom, fokus heeltemal te veel van ons op meubels, beligting en dekor – en alhoewel hierdie faktore van die uiterste belang is, vergeet die meeste van ons van ‘n ander baie belangrike elemen…

08 February, 2018