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More rooms articles tips & information

9 pros and cons of closed patios and balconies

With summer officially here, more and more of us are already daydreaming about how we’re going to be spending our year-end holiday. And if you’re a typical South African, those plans certainly involve socialising outside while taking in our country’s…

11 December, 2020

9 ways to style a wow-worthy entryway

Whether you refer to it as the entryway, hallway, entry hall, mudroom or foyer, fact remains that you can’t ditch all the style rules just because that interior space is smaller than, say, the adjoining living room or your spacious kitchen.

02 December, 2020

7 tips to design your outdoor kitchen and braai area

With summer here and the holidays creeping closer, most of us have already begun planning year-end party bashes. And since this is South Africa, the majority of those parties will take place around a cosy braai.

20 November, 2020

7 questions to ask your patio contractor

Constructing a new patio or renovating your existing one can be huge fun, but such a project also requires careful planning, perfect design work, and a professional working relationship between contractor and client.

17 November, 2020

How to decorate your hallway like a design pro

Even though they’re the first spaces we see when entering a home (or exiting a room), hallways  rarely get the style attention they crave. And lack of space is usually the main reason for this.

13 November, 2020

The homify guide to designing your walk-in closet

It’s no secret that walk-in closet designs are associated with large, luxurious homes. But remember that although they are nice to have, walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms are by no means regarded as vital.

10 November, 2020

7 bright ideas to illuminate your home’s entryway

As an entryway is the first interior space a person sees when entering a house, it just makes sense to resort to proper planning when styling up your foyer/entrance. And part of proper planning entails adequate lighting – and not only to keep people…

26 September, 2020

A summer-ready terrace in 8 easy steps

With spring and summer already eyeing us from their respective spots, we South Africans have started planning our spring/summer socialising schedules. Even those of us stuck in the city with nothing but balconies and tiny patios / porches substitutin…

27 August, 2020

9 considerations before you build your dream deck

Winter might be approaching, but we are already looking forward to the warmer weather later in the year. That’s when we South Africans come out and do our al fresco thing with so much pride, whether it’s a pool party with friends or a wine-and-dine d…

11 May, 2020

7 stylish ways to create the illusion of an entryway

Modern designs have gifted us with a great many things to enhance our homes and lifestyles, including the very popular open-plan layout. In a lot of homes, said open-plan layout conveniently combines practical areas like kitchens and living rooms, ye…

14 April, 2020