Modern lights for the living room

As stated in the name, your ‘living’ room is where you usually do most of your living, whether that entails watching TV, relaxing on a sofa, or hosting guests. But in order to do all of these tasks successfully, you require the correct lighting, espe…

22 April, 2023

6 Minimalist Home Designs That Leave You Wanting For More!

Minimalism begins with space and ends with cleanliness. This genre has been trending since before the hashtag boom and consistently finding more innovations along the way. The best thing about minimalism is you never get bored of it.

31 August, 2022

19 Home Designs To Create The Best First Impressions On Everyone

First impressions are the best impressions. 😀Is that something you hear or read before? Is it one of those beliefs you have in your life? Well, then we have the right tips for you right here. Our home is our source of joy, love, and sanctuary.

Great big windows: The pros and cons

While great, big windows can certainly add an aesthetically pleasing touch to a house (or any other building), bigger is not always better. Sometimes yes, but not always.Fortunately, we’ve done your homework so you can easily weigh the pros and cons…

29 November, 2020

8 vital features of Scandinavian interior design

Minimalism; simplicity; functionality. Three elements that make up Scandinavian interior design, which has been in existence (and popular) since the 1950s (and you’re welcome to verify that with any one of our professional Interior Designer/Decorator…

21 September, 2020

Turn your TV room into a movie theatre in 5 easy steps

Lockdown has most of us feeling a tad lost and lonely. For some of us, grabbing a good book (and maybe a pet) is one way to beat the lockdown blues. For others, entertainment needs to take on a more engaging approach in the form of vision and sound.

22 May, 2020

9 steps to the ultimate modern living room

The word “modern” might make many people envision a cold, dull, and under-styled space devoid of personality. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! Modern spaces can be warm, inviting, and rock visual splendour if done correctly – either by…

19 February, 2020

9 touches to ensure a stylish modern living room

Many homeowners consider the word “modern” to be dirty. That’s because they usually associate any modern room with a cold and dull space. But today we are here to set those people straight, as we have 9 tips and examples that prove beyond a doubt tha…

03 December, 2019

Choosing the perfect upholstery material

How often do we focus on the fabrics wrapped around furniture pieces? Those soft materials covering your living room sofas, the patterned fabrics of your dining room chairs, or even the quality of the silk (or polyester, or wool…

06 September, 2018

Why your home needs soft furnishings - 7 tips from Joburg designers

We all have a pretty clear idea about what furniture is, but soft furnishings? As the name suggests, soft furnishings are all those pieces that are physically soft to the touch (and includes fabrics like foam, cloth, cushion, etc.

28 August, 2018