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Lighting articles tips & information

What to remember before styling up your bathroom lighting

Nobody ever said that it would be easy giving a bathroom a new look. Sure, it can be fun sifting through various colours for the textiles or looking at some wallpaper options and new faucet designs, but remember that practicality is key.

06 June, 2019

10 effective ways to bring more light into your home

Getting the most out of your home can be heavily influenced by the right furniture, décor and even more so the natural light filtering through. Interior designers can help you get the right setting when it comes to natural light and as a result, larg…

24 May, 2019

How to design the perfect indoor braai area

There is no quick fix to decide on the perfect indoor braai as it rather a subjective reflection of character, personality and overall choice. However, once determining whether there is space for this additional luxury, it is also best to determine w…

10 June, 2018

​14 maniere hoe om jou huis te laat skitter

Dit gaan nie net oor verf en meubels nie – die tipe beligting wat jy aanskaf vir jou huis het ook ‘n groot impak, nie net in verband met hoe jy jou leefspasies sien nie, maar ook die atmosfeer wat dit afgee vir ander.

08 October, 2017

15 fantastic reasons to light the walls of your home properly

If you thought that all there was to home lighting was a few main fixtures and table lamps, we're going to totally blow that theory out of the water today! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that wonderful wall lights are a brilliant weap…

05 October, 2017

11 fashionable light fixtures to know about!

You don't need us to tell you how critical gorgeous lighting is inside and outside your home, but are you aware of all the different styles of light fixtures that are currently enjoying a lot of popularity? We weren't, until we started looking into i…

30 September, 2017

​7 maniere hoe om elektrisiteit te bespaar

Om minder elektrisiteit te gebruik beteken nie net dat jy minder gaan betaal nie, maar ook dat jy meer doen vir die omgewing, aangesien dit belangirk is om “groen” te leef deesdae.

15 September, 2017

Home improvement: 11 swimming pools perfect for small homes

Improve your home with a small swimming pool!Almost everyone likes to enjoy a relaxing time by the poolside deck and take a cool dip at a suitable opportunity, especially during the height of summer.

06 July, 2017

7 bright colour ideas for bathrooms

Neutral colour bathrooms may be popular for their trendy and tasteful appeal, but let's face it… their boring. However, a bathroom that is vibrant, eye-catching and filled with colour will remind your guests about your quirky and charming character.

01 July, 2017

8 ideas to make your small living room look bigger

Is it just us, or is everything shrinking these days? Modern houses and flats seem to be getting smaller and smaller, with more and more people starting to think up clever ways to live large in small spaces (without resorting to clutter, of course).

17 June, 2017