Lighting 101: Working with Recessed Lighting

Whether it’s garden goodies, hallway storage or brighter bathrooms, here on homify we are always ready with tips and tricks to help you get that luxurious look for your home. And today we are tackling recessed lighting, which is lighting fixtures ins…

25 April, 2023

Modern lights for the living room

As stated in the name, your ‘living’ room is where you usually do most of your living, whether that entails watching TV, relaxing on a sofa, or hosting guests. But in order to do all of these tasks successfully, you require the correct lighting, espe…

22 April, 2023

The homify guide to creating a perfectly lit bathroom

Although the toilet and tub/shower are certainly the most popular items in any bathroom, that doesn’t mean lighting can be put on the backburner. In fact, without proper lighting, your dream bathroom is more likely to become a gloomy space with an un…

19 October, 2020

7 bright ideas to illuminate your home’s entryway

As an entryway is the first interior space a person sees when entering a house, it just makes sense to resort to proper planning when styling up your foyer/entrance. And part of proper planning entails adequate lighting – and not only to keep people…

26 September, 2020

The benefits of proper indoor lighting

In the chaotic rush to give our homes and indoor spaces as much style and substance as possible (tiled options for the kitchen backsplash, scatter cushions for the living room sofas, the proper paint and wall art for the hallways…

21 August, 2020

Your newest home décor tips for winter 2020

The frosty season has officially arrived and with it, a whole bunch of ideas on how to make this year’s winter the best yet. For some, that’s stocking up on hot drinks and comfort snacks. For others, winter could mean an embrace of change…

23 June, 2020

6 things to know about properly lighting your bedroom

Did you know that the average person sleeps for about one-third of their life? That places rather a big importance on a bedroom’s design, doesn’t it? But as we all know, more than sleeping goes on in a bedroom: spending time with that special someone…

12 February, 2020

What to remember before styling up your bathroom lighting

Nobody ever said that it would be easy giving a bathroom a new look. Sure, it can be fun sifting through various colours for the textiles or looking at some wallpaper options and new faucet designs, but remember that practicality is key.

06 June, 2019

​14 maniere hoe om jou huis te laat skitter

Dit gaan nie net oor verf en meubels nie – die tipe beligting wat jy aanskaf vir jou huis het ook ‘n groot impak, nie net in verband met hoe jy jou leefspasies sien nie, maar ook die atmosfeer wat dit afgee vir ander.

08 October, 2017

15 fantastic reasons to light the walls of your home properly

If you thought that all there was to home lighting was a few main fixtures and table lamps, we're going to totally blow that theory out of the water today! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that wonderful wall lights are a brilliant weap…

05 October, 2017