How To Eliminate Moths From The Cupboard And Clothes Forever

It is evident that not all people have suffered a moth infestation, but when you suffer it, it can become a real headache, because suddenly you see your house invaded by these insects belonging to the order Lepidoptera, which butterflies also belong…

10 ways to boost your small kitchen’s style in 2021

After 2020, we don’t blame anyone for wanting to change their home’s design and add more space and/or style. Maybe rethink that small kitchen and see if changing your appliances colour schemes, and/or décor might do the trick.

14 January, 2021

Dividing your open-plan space: 7 ideas

There’s a new design trend and its main focus is not visual splendour (although that is important  as well), but mainly how to turn multifunctional large spaces into smaller, more convenient zones dedicated to eating, working, relaxing, sleeping, etc.

05 January, 2021

7 tips for designing a functional kitchen

Aside from looking good, a kitchen also needs to be fully functioning before its design can be classified as “successful”. But what does a kitchen’s functionality entail? And how does one get around quirky corners, limited legroom, and other elements…

21 November, 2020

7 tips to design your outdoor kitchen and braai area

With summer here and the holidays creeping closer, most of us have already begun planning year-end party bashes. And since this is South Africa, the majority of those parties will take place around a cosy braai.

20 November, 2020

8 important considerations for your kitchen remodel

Dreaming about remodelling your kitchen? Or maybe you recently worked with a top-notch Kitchen Planner to treat the heart of your home to a brand-new look? Whatever the case, styling a kitchen the correct way means making some pretty big decisions (s…

09 November, 2020

Top 20 modern kitchen designs in South Africa

The modern style seems to enjoy riding the trend wave, with no visible signs that its 15 minutes of fame are almost up. But what elements need to come together in order to make up the perfect modern kitchen?Actually, there are a few factors that make…

23 October, 2020

The 9 trendiest kitchen renovation ideas for 2020

2020 is almost over, yet we’ve had plenty of time to distinguish between the various style- and design trends that have come and gone this year. Especially the ones intended for the heart of all homes: the kitchen.

30 September, 2020

Your traditional kitchen is just 7 style steps away

If you’re one of those who still confuses a traditional-style kitchen with “country” or “old world” designs, consider this article dedicated to you. Although there’s a certain vintage charm in every traditional space, modern designs and features mean…

17 September, 2020

10 small kitchens that prove bigger isn’t always better

No two kitchens are alike. That makes perfect sense when one considers how people (and their lifestyles, and their choices in houses and décor… ) differ. But what does each and every single kitchen, regardless of size, need in order to be a successf…

26 August, 2020