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Why aren’t you yet working with Simply Living Online?

Stopping by Johannesburg for today’s sneak peek at homify’s enticing collection of design- and architectural professionals, we catch up with local interior design/decorating firm Simply Living Online.

06 February, 2022

19 Home Designs To Create The Best First Impressions On Everyone

First impressions are the best impressions. 😀Is that something you hear or read before? Is it one of those beliefs you have in your life? Well, then we have the right tips for you right here. Our home is our source of joy, love, and sanctuary.

Great for any Room: 14 Brick Wall Ideas to Copy at Home

Brick walls can add so much flavour and character to the inside of your home. Adding a touch of brick or even an entire wall can change the entire look of the room. While brick has been traditionally associated with city homes, you can achieve this l…

26 May, 2021

Minimalistic and Elegant Interiors For a Double Storey House

Although minimalistic design schemes majorly emphasise on the element of simplicity, the style comes with its own unique twists and character traits. In fact, today, minimalistic design means so much more than a basic colour palette and clean lines.

20 April, 2021

16 gorgeous ways to add blue walls to your home

Blue is an effortlessly cool colour — in a home, it can look punchy, calm, or neutral, depending on which shade you choose. Why is blue so popular? It's not only the colour of the sky and the ocean, it's also a soothing colour that can calm our nerve…

13 April, 2021

The benefits of bigger windows (and how to clean them)

We all know that bigger doesn’t (always) mean better, but when it comes to larger windows for your home, we’re sure you can count some advantages, right? But while big and beautiful windows can really boost your exterior views (among other things), d…

13 January, 2021

Dividing your open-plan space: 7 ideas

There’s a new design trend and its main focus is not visual splendour (although that is important  as well), but mainly how to turn multifunctional large spaces into smaller, more convenient zones dedicated to eating, working, relaxing, sleeping, etc.

05 January, 2021

What are the pros and cons of wood fireplaces?

As summer is doing its best at the moment here in South Africa, nearly none of us are thinking about how we’ll be warming up our homes come winter 2021. Surely by now you’ll agree that there’s nothing like grouping around a crackling fire for some in…

14 December, 2020

8 ways to upgrade your laundry room for 2021

Laundry day is rarely fun for anyone. Add to that a drab and horribly under-styled room with a washing machine and we can’t blame anyone for not looking forward to doing laundry.

11 December, 2020

Easy style tips to make a room look lighter

For Johannesburg-based firm Spegash Interiors, interior design is not just about day-to-day operations to keep the company running, but about a commitment to excellence. No wonder, then, that Spegash Interiors is regarded as one of South Africa’s mos…

10 December, 2020