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Interior architecture articles tips & information

4 beautiful ways to split space in an open-plan house

Time and trend are both fleeting. That is why there was a time when houses flaunted various separate rooms closed off from one another – and yes, believe it or not, it was considered in vogue at some point.

09 May, 2019

New interior trend: The broken plan layout

Time and trend are both fleeting, and that’s been proven once again with the introduction of the new ‘broken plan’ layout. This is a unique (and dare we say it, refreshing) twist on the age-old open-plan layout, which has become synonymous with moder…

27 January, 2019

Space planning: What is it and how do I get it right?

The responsibilities of architects and interior designers stretch far beyond the mere task of building a structure and making it look pretty. It is also their jobs to tell a client’s story and promote their vision with innovative design solutions.

20 January, 2019

6 custom living room furniture ideas by Johannesburg designers

What is it about custom furniture that makes it so special? The sheer fact that you can let your imagination run wild and create your very own art piece is just one of the many benefits.

16 January, 2019

How to clean laminate floors

We’ve all been there… rightfully enjoying newly laid floors in the living room (or anywhere in the home) when the unexpected happens, like the dog tracking mud everywhere or a child spilling juice.

13 January, 2019

10 Bedroom colour ideas to inspire you!

Creating the perfect space for your bedroom considers many things. For one, you want to create a comfortable living space that you can enjoy because this is where you can come back, relax, enjoy and unwind.

22 December, 2018

The future of design: virtual tour software

Technology continues to evolve, paving the way for a more streamlined process regarding… everything! And that includes the worlds of architecture, interior design and decorating, and even property development and –selling.

10 December, 2018

12 shower tiles to inspire your next bathroom renovation

Even though there are numerous ways in which to style up a bathroom (ranging from the quick-and-cheap to more-intricate-and-expensive alternatives), few things come close to gorgeous shower tiles.

09 December, 2018

Using the colour black: An inspiring office of Johannesburg designer

Designing your interiors allows you the liberty of creating a custom space that you’ll always be proud of. DEBORAH GARTH INTERIOR DESIGN specializes in high-end residential interior designs and offers a turnkey service suited to their client’s specif…

01 December, 2018

The pros and cons of PVC ceilings

Let’s talk about one of the most popular and most controversial types of ceilings on the market today: polyvinyl chloride ceilings, or PVC ceilings. Mostly a manufactured plastic, PVC is present in various elements, from toys and tools to some cons…

22 November, 2018