Adding a house extension: The rules, costs, and ideas

Adding an extension to an existing house can be tricky and costly. But don’t fret if you don’t have any understanding about the rules and regulations (such as Planning Permission, or what type of extension would be best to introduce more natural ligh…

31 July, 2019

How much do shipping container homes cost in South Africa?

It certainly is a great time to be alive for those of us interested in design and architecture. How so? Because we are witnessing one of the greatest architectural evolutions: the rise of shipping container homes.

20 June, 2019

What are the costs of building a house in South Africa in 2019?

Looking to invest in a renovated home or a brand-new build? Good for you, as property is one of the most prime spaces where one can invest one’s money! But before you start dreaming – have you considered all the costs that go into building a house in…

07 June, 2019

How to make a shipping container home eco-friendly

Economic uncertainties and an increased ecological awareness among the younger generation (especially) have resulted in many more people searching for DIY housing options instead of relying on the usual brick-and-mortar designs.

29 January, 2019

The future of design: virtual tour software

Technology continues to evolve, paving the way for a more streamlined process regarding… everything! And that includes the worlds of architecture, interior design and decorating, and even property development and –selling.

10 December, 2018

4 of South Africa’s most popular house design styles

Every type of architectural style has a history to it. But as the South African architectural landscape is still relatively young (compared to Europe and America), our country offers fewer house design styles.

05 December, 2018

​Why is a 2-bedroom house best?

The facts are these: urban land scarcity is rising and our population is growing. This has resulted in the average full title stand decreasing to nearly half of what it was in the 1970s.

10 November, 2018

5 creative uses of shipping containers in South Africa

When it comes to architectural evolution, South Africa is also privy to trends and changes. The latest evidence is the lifestyle shift from gigantic abodes to downsized structures.

05 November, 2018

​The homify guide to Dutch gable roofs

It’s not uncommon for someone to build their own home instead of buying it. After all, being more in charge of your home’s look and design ensures the end result is much more to your liking and personal style (if you make use of a professional archit…

02 October, 2018

​How to get your building plans approved in Johannesburg

All homeowners have the right to the ‘proper enjoyment of their property’ – but that does not mean they are allowed to build and break as they please! In fact, even alterations which you may consider small (like building a swimming pool, erecting a n…

30 September, 2018