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Beautiful Interior Décor of Spanish-style South African Home to Inspire you

While redesigning the Randburg family home, what strikes the chord with the professional interior designers and decorators of CS DESIGN was the Spanish style of the house. And it was this that they wanted to retain and revamp the house's interior déc…

15 June, 2021

How Professionals Use Modern Building Materials to Create Stunning Homes

Modern architecture is all about the innovative use of standard building material such as concrete, glass, brick, stone, steel and wood to create homes that are as functional as they are attractive.

28 April, 2021

Online Interior Designing Services and How They Helped Designers Survive The Pandemic

Due to the continuous restrictions imposed on physical movement by the states during the initial stages of the worldwide lockdown, many of the businesses gradually shifted to online platforms to expand their reach and sustain themselves.

17 April, 2021

Hire an interior designer and avoid costly mistakes

People often question themselves ‘will the fees of hiring an interior designer consume a large percentage of the overall budget?’, and the answer to this question is an absolute no.

06 April, 2021

An Eclectic Style Renovation For a Young Couple's Home

Eclectic is the only design theme that allows you to let your eccentric taste flow freely. This style effortlessly brings together different textures, shapes, materials and colours in such a way that they end up complementing each other.

31 March, 2021

29 Spectacular Designs to Celebrate Deborah Garth's 29 Years of Success

With almost three decades of experience in designing homes and corporate spaces, Deborah Garth has become one of the most popular interior designers and decorators in Johannesburg.

12 March, 2021

16 tips for an energy-efficient and beautiful home

Operating from two branches located in two of South Africa’s major destinations (Cape Town and Johannesburg), Francois Marais Architects has been concluding projects and wowing clients with first-rate design solutions since the company was establishe…

12 February, 2021

Are container homes really a good investment?

The professional team in charge of today’s inspirational piece is A4AC Architects, located in Johannesburg. Although this architectural firm only opened in 2013, its growing portfolio showcases quite the variety of projects flaunting a variety of hou…

11 February, 2021

A modern dream home in Johannesburg

In the industries of property development and architectural construction, Johannesburg-based Top Centre Properties is one of the most sought-after professionals. Showcasing an ever-increasing portfolio detailing high-style designs (that range from la…

02 February, 2021

Advice article: What to ask an interior designer

Ever since being established back in March 1992, the award-winning company Deborah Garth Interior Design International has been changing the way South Africans experience interior splendour and deluxe lifestyles.

07 January, 2021