homify 360 home project articles homify 360 home project articles

homify 360 home project articles

The R8,5 million modern home in Newlands

Our inspiration piece for today comes from Imagine (Pty) Ltd, a business specialising in property design, investment, and development. Located in Johannesburg, Imagine (Pty) Ltd has completed numerous projects in the Gauteng region, Cape Town, Durban…

28 February, 2020

6 tips (and dining spaces) to help you host the ultimate dinner party

Some people say that hosting a get-together at home is nothing to stress about. We here at homify are a bit more realistic and would rather state that one does need to put some effort into planning a soiree, but that if proper planning is executed ea…

27 February, 2020

5 lesser-known kitchen design tips

Sandton-based CS Design is a professional interior design firm providing first-rate solutions to various South African (and some overseas) clients. The company has completed quite the number of residential- and commercial projects and has even been a…

25 February, 2020

The interior design services of Francois Marais Architects

Anybody interested in the architectural industry of South Africa would have heard the name Francois Marais Architects at least once. Known as one of the country’s leading firms, Francois Marais Architects boasts with first-rate designs in its ever-gr…

24 February, 2020

12 Affordable fresh ideas for your living room and dining room

Your living room and dining room are probably one of the most frequented areas of your home. With time, we tend to get tired of the same look or design for that matter. We understand what you’re going through and that’s why our professionals at homif…

24 January, 2020

The R500k patio and pool design by Rykon Construction

Our daily dose of inspiration comes from Rykon Construction, the efficient home-building team located in Johannesburg. Established back in 2001, this building company has become one of South Africa’s leading professionals when it comes to constructio…

08 January, 2020

The gorgeous new patio by Rykon Construction

Since it was established back in 2001, Rykon Construction has evolved to become one of Johannesburg’s (and the country’s) busiest and seasoned house-building professionals. Aiding in its popularity and effectiveness is the fact that Rykon Constructio…

19 December, 2019

The high-class home (in progress) by Spegash Interiors

As one of South Africa’s most seasoned interior design firms, Spegash Interiors boasts a growing portfolio showcasing numerous projects in the commercial, residential, and retail industries.

16 December, 2019

The bespoke designer furniture of CKW Lifestyle

Seasoned interior design firm CKW Lifestyle, located in Johannesburg, is so much more than your average little studio focused on pretty wallpaper and scatter cushions. Since being founded by its head designer Craig K.

15 December, 2019

The modern Parkview home renovation

Since being established back in 1991, CS Design has swiftly evolved to become one of South Africa’s busiest and experienced interior design companies. Located in Sandton, Johannesburg, CS Design has built up quite the impressive portfolio detailing m…

14 December, 2019