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homify 360 home project articles

Our 10 best modern houses with picture-perfect views

Location, location, location. That is what everyone from potential homeowners and real estate agents to architects keep saying—and with good reason! After all, is there anything better to enhance your home setting and lifestyle than an immaculate b…

14 April, 2019

Catching up with a Johannesburg design firm: CS Design

CS Design, based in Sandton, Johannesburg, is an experienced interior design firm that caters to design solutions for a variety of industries, from residential and hospitality to retail and industrial.

12 April, 2019

The modern glamorous home by Johannesburg interior designers

Experienced interior design firm Metaphor Design is based in Johannesburg. Established in 2012 by Lane Reeves, the company has been busy creating a portfolio that speaks of first-class results, not to mention a long list of satisfied clients that mad…

11 April, 2019

The nine elements of design by a Johannesburg interior designer

From Johannesburg comes one of South Africa’s most esteemed design firms: Deborah Garth Interior Design. Owned by Deborah Garth, Deborah Garth Interior Design International (Pty)Ltd.

09 April, 2019

6 spring colours and motifs to inspire you

Here on homify we are always up for a dose of design inspiration, especially when it comes from a renowned event such as London Design Week. And what we learned from London Design Week 2019 is that spring colours and motifs are IN!But before we detai…

08 April, 2019

A sublime renovation project by Sandton architects

Top Centre Properties is a privately owned company with a core focus on architecture, property development, and construction. Located in Johannesburg, this firm has been actively involved in a wide variety of projects (of various sizes) related to ar…

07 April, 2019

A modern bathroom renovation by Cape Town experts

From the Mother City comes a prime restoration and renovation company dedicated to first-rate results: Beton Haus. With more than 40 years’ experience, Beton Haus has been specialising in structural concrete and home renovations and changing the way…

04 April, 2019

Pretoria architects present a R4,5 million modern dream home

From Pretoria comes a firm specialising in high-quality architecture and interior design: Nuclei Lifestyle Design. Consisting of a vibrant collection of professional architects, designers and technicians, Nuclei Lifestyle Design have been changing th…

02 April, 2019

5 types of chairs for your different rooms

A place for everything and everything in its place – and that includes chairs. Yes, furniture comes in various styles and sizes, and today we are focusing on the chair and which type of design is perfect for the most popular rooms in your home.

20 March, 2019

8 tips for putting a style twist on your white bathroom

There really is no other colour like white, thanks to its ability to be crisp, fresh, cool and clean. Add in the facts that it’s available in a multitude of hues (from Pearl and Snow to Chiffon and Frost) and can complement any other colour, and it’s…

18 March, 2019