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19 Home Designs To Create The Best First Impressions On Everyone

First impressions are the best impressions. 😀Is that something you hear or read before? Is it one of those beliefs you have in your life? Well, then we have the right tips for you right here. Our home is our source of joy, love, and sanctuary.

Best Bedside Lamp Ideas: 13 Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom

Choosing the right bedside lamp for your bedroom can help to soften the atmosphere — they're softer than overhead lights and perfect for all your bedside activities. Whether you're getting ready to sleep, paging through a great book, or lounging arou…

21 April, 2021

17 Ways to Elevate Your Bedroom Through Decor

Sometimes it's nice to have a change — even a subtle change in our lives can give us the feeling of a fresh start. A perfect way to implement such a change is by cleaning or rearranging your home.

14 March, 2021

10 ways to boost your small kitchen’s style in 2021

After 2020, we don’t blame anyone for wanting to change their home’s design and add more space and/or style. Maybe rethink that small kitchen and see if changing your appliances colour schemes, and/or décor might do the trick.

14 January, 2021

How to keep your house cool this summer: 11 tricks

Those who don’t believe in global warming will do well to spend a few days in South Africa during summer’s peak. And speaking of which, the current summer looks to be another scorcher for us and our homes – which, for many of us, now include home off…

16 December, 2020

Pantone Color 2021: Trendy ideas that use Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

What’s better than a color of the year? A combination that offers versatility to brighten up or tone down the look of a room. When Pantone color of the year 2021 was announced, we were pleasantly surprised to find not one but two colors to work with…

11 December, 2020

8 ways to upgrade your laundry room for 2021

Laundry day is rarely fun for anyone. Add to that a drab and horribly under-styled room with a washing machine and we can’t blame anyone for not looking forward to doing laundry.

11 December, 2020

Easy style tips to make a room look lighter

For Johannesburg-based firm Spegash Interiors, interior design is not just about day-to-day operations to keep the company running, but about a commitment to excellence. No wonder, then, that Spegash Interiors is regarded as one of South Africa’s mos…

10 December, 2020

The 8-step guide to designing the perfect accent wall

Lovers of design splendour will undoubtedly have heard of Deborah Garth Interior Design International, especially those  in Johannesburg. Because ever since the firm was established back in March 1992, Deborah Garth has been turning the style tables…

07 December, 2020

Style your small bathroom bigger in 9 steps

If you’re stuck with a small bathroom at home, congrats: you’re certainly not alone. However, while many people just seem to accept their fate and work around their limited-legroom problem (getting ready in the mornings must be blast for them), other…

04 December, 2020