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Furnishing & decoration articles tips & information

7 ideas on how to use the colour white in your home

You may have heard the saying that white isn’t a colour, which is why it’s best to shy away from it when it comes to interior design. Well, today we are here to dispel that myth and to provide you with inspiration (in both text- and visual form) to m…

26 February, 2020

9 steps to the ultimate modern living room

The word “modern” might make many people envision a cold, dull, and under-styled space devoid of personality. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! Modern spaces can be warm, inviting, and rock visual splendour if done correctly – either by…

19 February, 2020

14 Great looking wooden furniture that you’d be tempted to have in your home

Tap into nature and enjoy the pros of repurposed material. One way to do this is with wooden furniture. What’s great about wooden furniture? It has a rustic appealIt can contribute to natural insulationIt is adaptable and can be custom designedIf you…

27 January, 2020

10 trendy colours to paint the façade of your house

Want to sell your home? Or do you simply want to up its visual splendour? No matter, there’s always a reason to splash a fresh coat of paint onto our houses’ exterior façades to increase their kerb appeal.

22 December, 2019

9 touches to ensure a stylish modern living room

Many homeowners consider the word “modern” to be dirty. That’s because they usually associate any modern room with a cold and dull space. But today we are here to set those people straight, as we have 9 tips and examples that prove beyond a doubt tha…

03 December, 2019

10 amazing colours for a small room’s walls

We all know the powerless feeling of wanting to enlarge a room, yet not having the budget to tear down a wall or add an extension. However, there are other easier ways of making a room seem and feel bigger – and it comes in a can of paint! Yes, paint…

03 November, 2019

Interior designer profile piece: Craig K. Whitehead

For all those who are more interested in the face of a deluxe design company and the “behind the scenes” actions, we bring you a special treat: a glimpse into the background of Craig K.

11 October, 2019

4 Interior Design Projects In Johannesburg That You Shouldn’t Miss

The interior of your home is the first impression that people have of you and your house. If you get it right, you’ll not only enjoy your perfect home but also set the perfect tone for your guests.

14 September, 2019

The best modern bedroom designs in 2019

2019 might be more than halfway done, but we still have a few months left to try out some amazing interior designs that are regarded as ‘trendy’ this year. And if there’s one room which we feel can never be finished in terms of style and décor, it’s…

The homify guide to creating a stress-free home

There’s a lot to be said for stress, apart from the fact that most of us seem to have it these days! For one thing, the right type and amount of stress can actually be a good thing, like worrying about meeting a deadline at work can propel you to put…