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Furnishing & decoration articles tips & information

Sage green: Your new favourite calming colour

The neutral-colour family received a new member – and no, it’s not another grey. Or white. Or beige. The colour that’s slowly been creeping onto the runway, as well as numerous Pinterest boards, is officially called Sage Green.

11 June, 2019

Winter’s coming – how to choose the right fireplace

South Africa may be known for its warm climate and hot summers, but locals will agree that our country can also get quite freezing, depending on location and the season! And since winter has already started knocking on our doors for 2019’s visit, we’…

26 May, 2019

9 home decor trends to follow in 2019

The biggest, most prestigious annual design and lifestyle exhibition in Africa is currently underway – that’s right, Decorex SA already completed its Durban and Cape Town shows, and attendees are still talking about what they learned.

07 May, 2019

5 pretty and practical kids’ room ideas

Playing interior decorator when it comes to children’s rooms can be quite an intimidating process. As a parent, you want the space to look beautiful, function well, and capture your child’s imagination and personality, but that can be a tall order, e…

28 April, 2019

8 classic furniture designs for the perfect dining room

Transforming your property takes time, effort, skill and money, so you have to be clear on what you’ll do first. Some folks redo their gardens and exterior parts of their property while others tackle the interiors.

26 April, 2019

22 creative wall decor ideas for South African homes

Making design changes in your home can either improve or break the overall look. Now while this can seem like an overwhelmingly monstrous task or even intimidating, it’s easy with the right help.

Beautiful interiors: How to nail Scandinavian décor

Those familiar with the various types of interior design styles will agree that there is something to be said for the less-is-more look. But where the minimalist style tends to focus on empty space, the Scandinavian design opts for adding in some col…

13 April, 2019

8 things to consider before renovating your home

A home renovation can be a very fulfilling project, whether it’s renovating a small kitchen, redoing a bathroom, or giving your entire house a splendid makeover. No matter the project size or the aim of the job, there are a myriad of renovation ideas…

28 March, 2019

Modern versus contemporary design: Which is which?

We’ve all heard the terms “modern interior design” and “contemporary interior design”, especially our avid readers here on homify, but are you aware of their meanings? Is contemporary décor modern? No, because when it comes to design and art, these t…

24 January, 2019

Space planning: What is it and how do I get it right?

The responsibilities of architects and interior designers stretch far beyond the mere task of building a structure and making it look pretty. It is also their jobs to tell a client’s story and promote their vision with innovative design solutions.

20 January, 2019