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10 amazing colours for a small room’s walls

We all know the powerless feeling of wanting to enlarge a room, yet not having the budget to tear down a wall or add an extension. However, there are other easier ways of making a room seem and feel bigger – and it comes in a can of paint! Yes, paint…

03 November, 2019

Interior designer profile piece: Craig K. Whitehead

For all those who are more interested in the face of a deluxe design company and the “behind the scenes” actions, we bring you a special treat: a glimpse into the background of Craig K.

11 October, 2019

4 Interior Design Projects In Johannesburg That You Shouldn’t Miss

The interior of your home is the first impression that people have of you and your house. If you get it right, you’ll not only enjoy your perfect home but also set the perfect tone for your guests.

14 September, 2019

The best modern bedroom designs in 2019

2019 might be more than halfway done, but we still have a few months left to try out some amazing interior designs that are regarded as ‘trendy’ this year. And if there’s one room which we feel can never be finished in terms of style and décor, it’s…

The homify guide to creating a stress-free home

There’s a lot to be said for stress, apart from the fact that most of us seem to have it these days! For one thing, the right type and amount of stress can actually be a good thing, like worrying about meeting a deadline at work can propel you to put…

Decorex Cape Town: extraordinary creations with 100% Design South Africa

Since 1994, Decorex has become known as Africa’s most dynamic portfolio of décor, design and lifestyle exhibitions. But since it combines 25 years of design inspiration,1 200 exhibitors and 50 000m² of exhibition space, how could it not?Decorex Cape…

10 July, 2019

A Cape Town apartment with picture-perfect interiors

Your home is one of your favourite places in the world because there truly is “no place like home”. That said, we think it’s obvious that you’d want to create an unique place that has your ideal signature touch as well as displays everything that you…

Sage green: Your new favourite calming colour

The neutral-colour family received a new member – and no, it’s not another grey. Or white. Or beige. The colour that’s slowly been creeping onto the runway, as well as numerous Pinterest boards, is officially called Sage Green.

11 June, 2019

Winter’s coming – how to choose the right fireplace

South Africa may be known for its warm climate and hot summers, but locals will agree that our country can also get quite freezing, depending on location and the season! And since winter has already started knocking on our doors for 2019’s visit, we’…

26 May, 2019

9 home decor trends to follow in 2019

The biggest, most prestigious annual design and lifestyle exhibition in Africa is currently underway – that’s right, Decorex SA already completed its Durban and Cape Town shows, and attendees are still talking about what they learned.

07 May, 2019