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How to Use a Calming Colour Palette in Your Home + 15 Images

Have you ever wanted to enter your home and find yourself in a tranquil, calming environment free of worries? Me too — but it's not always that easy to relax in our homes. Maybe your children have made a mess while you were away, or you've piled up s…

20 March, 2021

How to design the perfect indoor braai area

There is no quick fix to decide on the perfect indoor braai as it is rather a subjective reflection of character, personality and overall choice. However, once determining whether there is space for your braai room, it is also best to determine what…

30 October, 2020

7 Tricks to Attract Money into Your Home

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophical technique that involves occupying space consciously and harmoniously, which aims to achieve a positive influence on the people who live in the home.

12 October, 2020

The homify guide to creating a stress-free home

There’s a lot to be said for stress, apart from the fact that most of us seem to have it these days! For one thing, the right type and amount of stress can actually be a good thing, like worrying about meeting a deadline at work can propel you to put…

The room-by-room guide on how to declutter your home

It’s no joke decluttering an entire home, whether it’s a ground-floor flat or a two-storey house. But how do you eat an elephant? Little by little! And, thus, there you have the easy answer on how to declutter your home: by separating the living room…

How to clean laminate floors

We’ve all been there… rightfully enjoying newly laid floors in the living room (or anywhere in the home) when the unexpected happens, like the dog tracking mud everywhere or a child spilling juice.

13 January, 2019

How to declutter your home before the new year

Most of us tend to accumulate stuff, but it’s usually around this time of year that we discover how much we actually collect – and if your house faces a state of clutter, then it’s time for action.

23 December, 2018

15 tips on ​how to save water in South Africa

One look at a world map or globe quickly reinforces the fact that about 70% of Earth is covered with water. But did you know that only about 1% of that water is easily accessible for drinking? This scary fact becomes even scarier once we take into ac…

13 October, 2018

Tips from the pros: ​The house maintenance checklist you need in Pretoria

Living in a house comes with responsibility – just like your car requires regular oil changes, so does your home need regular maintenance to avoid future headaches. The good news is that you can undertake the majority of these house maintenance tasks…

22 August, 2018

7 habits to make sure your home is always clean

Keeping a house looking and feeling fresh and clean is sometimes a challenge, especially in a busy household that doesn't always freely offer a lot of assistance. However, there are some simple techniques that you can employ to stay on top of the cho…

31 May, 2018