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16 examples of dashing dining room designs

From fancy dinner parties and Sunday lunches to birthday celebrations, the ever-loving dining room is a space intended for many activities. And it doesn’t have to be of the social kind – just think about how many people use their dining rooms for wor…

04 February, 2021

Dividing your open-plan space: 7 ideas

There’s a new design trend and its main focus is not visual splendour (although that is important  as well), but mainly how to turn multifunctional large spaces into smaller, more convenient zones dedicated to eating, working, relaxing, sleeping, etc.

05 January, 2021

Interior Design 101: Lighting your dining room

The modern-day dining room is so much more than a space to eat. It’s become one of a home’s most versatile rooms, transformed into a zone perfectly suitable for fancy dinner parties, informal meals/snacks, helping the little ones with homework, and a…

20 July, 2020

8 great kitchens with enchanting dining areas

We certainly don’t need to tell you about the multitude of benefits one enjoys with an open-plan kitchen and dining area. No more missing out on hot gossip from your seated guests; no more travelling back and forth down that hallway (or through anoth…

10 July, 2020

Want to make your dining room look more expensive?

Consisting of a team of dynamic designers, Francois Marais Architects continues to provide top-quality services (which include additions and alterations, depending on the client’s wants and needs) to the entire Gauteng, Cape Town, and across South Af…

28 May, 2020

5 Amazing ideas for dining room spaces inspired by professional interior designers in Johannesburg

A dining room is not merely the living space to eat in, but instead, you can think of it as an extension to your social space in your home. With your guests looking forward to sinking their teeth into the scrumptious meal prepared, you may as well ke…

21 October, 2019

​‘n Oopplan sitkamer, eetkamer en kombuis: 13 voorbeelde

Ons almal weet mos dat oopplan vertrekke hoogmode is, om nie eers te praat van prakties nie. En wanneer dit by die oornooi en onthaal van vriende kom, dan word daardie ekstra spasie eers waardeer!Vandag beloer ons die oopplan uitleg wat beslis die ge…

22 February, 2018

​10 beautiful spaces for wining and dining

Here on homify we feel that the dining room doesn’t get the love and attention it deserves (just think of how crucial the right dining area is for a social affair, a classy dinner party, or just a simple meal enjoyed by family and friends).

30 October, 2017

No room for a dining table? Think again!

Most of us dream of sitting comfortably around a stylish dining table while socialising with friends and building family bonds. However, the reality is that a lot of us find ourselves in homes that simply don’t have adequate space for great big dinin…

12 July, 2017

Home improvement: 11 swimming pools perfect for small homes

Improve your home with a small swimming pool!Almost everyone likes to enjoy a relaxing time by the poolside deck and take a cool dip at a suitable opportunity, especially during the height of summer.

06 July, 2017