10 things to remember when styling kids’ bedrooms

You may be familiar with the style tricks of designing a bedroom, but have you ever tried your DIY design skills on a kid’s room? It’s not the same, particularly since you have to keep in mind your “client” will soon outgrow whatever you add in terms…

03 December, 2020

7 budget ideas for designing your child’s small bedroom

Thinking of giving your child’s bedroom a new look in 2020? And is said bedroom a bit on the smaller side? Then you’re definitely in the right place, as we’ve gathered some creative ideas to ensure your design project goes down smoothly and swiftly w…

07 April, 2020

5 pretty and practical kids’ room ideas

Playing interior decorator when it comes to children’s rooms can be quite an intimidating process. As a parent, you want the space to look beautiful, function well, and capture your child’s imagination and personality, but that can be a tall order, e…

28 April, 2019

13 ways to transform your bedroom with wallpaper

Your bedroom walls can easily define the style, character and personality of your home. But, if you like the option of being daring and different, then continue reading this feature.

17 August, 2017