6 things to know about properly lighting your bedroom

Did you know that the average person sleeps for about one-third of their life? That places rather a big importance on a bedroom’s design, doesn’t it? But as we all know, more than sleeping goes on in a bedroom: spending time with that special someone…

12 February, 2020

Need a bedroom do-over? Let these 9 bedroom inspirations inspire you to renew yours now

Your bedroom is your haven when you want to lay your head down and recharge or simply escape the rest of the busy house. You don’t have to have a large bedroom, neither does yours need to be tiny to mean something special.

10 November, 2019

How to choose the best bedroom cupboard

No piece of bedroom furniture or décor will ever be more important than the ever-crucial bed. It’s even in the name: BEDroom! However, that doesn’t mean that the additional pieces are there to waste space (as any professional interior designer will t…

14 August, 2019

The best modern bedroom designs in 2019

2019 might be more than halfway done, but we still have a few months left to try out some amazing interior designs that are regarded as ‘trendy’ this year. And if there’s one room which we feel can never be finished in terms of style and décor, it’s…

How to arrange bedroom furniture in a square room

Nobody ever claimed that arranging a room’s furniture was easy – after all, professionals such as interior designers and decorators and home stagers get properly schooled on this topic! No, arranging furniture to make a space functional, inviting, an…

17 June, 2019

​Ideal interiors: The magic of duck-egg blue

The colour spectrum treats us to a wide range of options, each one with its own unique character and personality. And it’s a fact that some of those colours stand out just a tad more confidently from the rest.

21 October, 2018

​The homify guide to a modern bedroom makeover

How often does the bedroom appear first on our list when our homes undergo a renovation? Yes, usually it’s the public socialising spaces like kitchens and living rooms that are treated to makeovers, but that doesn’t mean that your bedroom should rema…

04 August, 2018

​13 droom idees vir jou slaapkamer

Hier op homify is ons gereeld opsoek na nuwe en vars maniere om huise (binne en buite) op te tower, al is dit ook nou ietsie eenvoudig soos om ‘n blompot of twee by jou voordeur te sit, of nuwe muurpapier vir die kinders se kamer uit te soek.

06 June, 2018

7 Pictures of bedrooms from homes in Pretoria

Decorating a bedroom is the most exciting part of renovating a home. In the entire home, you’ll be spending most of your time in the bedroom, so it has to be a special place. And because of that, you take care of every single detail that goes into it.

14 April, 2018

5 Beautiful contemporary bedrooms in South Africa

Bedroom is very relax and be yourself and that is why it is important the interior design should reflect your personality. Designing a bedroom is the most tricky part when it comes to decorating your home because it can’t be too fancy but glamorous e…

17 February, 2018