Style your small bathroom bigger in 9 steps

If you’re stuck with a small bathroom at home, congrats: you’re certainly not alone. However, while many people just seem to accept their fate and work around their limited-legroom problem (getting ready in the mornings must be blast for them), other…

04 December, 2020

10 easy master bathroom transformation ideas

Is it just us or has the concept of master bathrooms become so much more luxurious lately? Sure, there’s always been an element of convenience when it comes to master bathrooms, especially en-suite designs, but the latest designs are significantly mo…

26 October, 2020

The homify guide to creating a perfectly lit bathroom

Although the toilet and tub/shower are certainly the most popular items in any bathroom, that doesn’t mean lighting can be put on the backburner. In fact, without proper lighting, your dream bathroom is more likely to become a gloomy space with an un…

19 October, 2020

Our best colour ideas for your new bathroom

Whether you’ve opted to contact a professional Bathroom Designer or are flexing those DIY muscles, changing a bathroom’s colour palette doesn’t have to be tricky. But it can be. But it doesn’t have to be.

16 October, 2020

How do you know if marble is right for your bathroom?

Although marble-clad spaces and features are increasing in popularity, this natural material has actually been used to build houses (and bathrooms, and porches… ) for a few thousand years.

28 September, 2020

7 ideas for choosing your best bathroom tiles

We fully understand the appeal and excitement that comes with a design/renovation project. Take the case of bathrooms: whether you’re sprucing up your existing one or building/designing a brand-new bathroom, there’s a range of decisions you’ll need t…

20 September, 2020

9 ways to free up more space in your small bathroom

Although we are well aware that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, we also know that it’s just so much easier working with a big room. Especially one that, depending on its style, features and layout, can help speed up daily cleansing rituals –…

28 August, 2020

The 6 best paint colours for your new bathroom

We know it’s very easy to get stuck on a paint job and spend weeks (maybe even months) sifting from colour to colour. But why waste precious time and money? How about you pinpoint some of the trendiest and most acceptable colours to paint your bathro…

07 July, 2020

6 stylish shower enclosure ideas

Nobody wants to start their day by stepping out of a cleansing, relaxing shower right into a wet, cold puddle on their bathroom floor. But sadly, this is something all of us (especially those who prefer showering over bathing) have to live with.

06 May, 2020

12 small bathrooms that you should see before remodelling yours

It’s happened: you’ve discovered the house of your dreams and it has everything you’ve wished for! A beautiful entryway, a stunning front- and back garden, and even a spacious open-plan living room that merges seamlessly with the kitchen.

24 October, 2019