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Architecture articles tips & information

10 Amazing rooftop ideas for your new property

A rooftop of a house and any building for that matter plays a very important role. Not only does it have to be functional and serve its purpose of helping to secure the building structure, it also protects the interior from the weather elements.

20 January, 2020

15 Small houses facade ideas that will work on a small budget

A facade is all about the looks and longevity in style design and architecture. You don’t need a big property for the ideal facade. Small houses can have some beautiful facades too.

15 December, 2019

6 Things you should know before buying a container: Essential container grading tips

Containers have recently become a leading trend in South Africa. Reusing these storage spaces is an excellent way to “recycle” and “reuse” a space that could be otherwise wasted.

26 October, 2019

12 inspiring front doors to enhance your home’s kerb appeal

The look and feel of your home’s front door can reveal a lot about you and your personal style. More importantly, it can also add to your home’s look and your property’s kerb appeal – or subtract from it.

14 October, 2019

Architectural inspiration: 3 modern family houses in South Africa

When it comes to architecture, South Africa is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. We don’t just mean inspirational structures completed to perfection (like the Bosjes Chapel in Wellington and Alice Lane Towers in Johannesburg, to name but a few…

15 September, 2019

5 fence ideas to up your house’s style

Far too many people spend far too much time pondering what kind of colours and paint they’re going to use for their houses’ façades. We are not saying you shouldn’t devote time to your home’s exterior look, but don’t overlook the additional features…

11 September, 2019

A rough guide on a house construction process

When it comes to building a new home, whether it’s a modern design, a colonial build or something else altogether, there is a strong urge to just jump right in. But fail to plan and you plan to fail, right? With house construction, proper planning is…

26 August, 2019

An ultra-modern house in Kwazulu Natal that embraces nature

Modern architecture is not only mind-blowing and stunning but a true “force” to reckon with. Compared to previous years, more and more homeowners are looking to modern architecture to fulfill the needs of their home.

10 August, 2019

11 Modern home upgrades that are cheaper than you think

As we are human beings craving change and perfection, it’s perfectly normal to always be on the lookout for ways to improve our living spaces, whether that be a simple one-bedroom flat or a gigantic three-storey home.

05 August, 2019

Adding a house extension: The rules, costs, and ideas

Adding an extension to an existing house can be tricky and costly. But don’t fret if you don’t have any understanding about the rules and regulations (such as Planning Permission, or what type of extension would be best to introduce more natural ligh…

31 July, 2019