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6 extension ideas to maximise your bedroom

Transforming your bedroom into a great place is something everybody wants. The bedroom is your sanctuary where you can rest and relax and most of all recharge your body and mind.

25 May, 2019

Proper planning: How to add a second storey to your house

Whether it’s to increase your living space or up your home’s value, adding a second storey is always a big step. But just like everything else under the sun, careful planning is required before any work starts, especially since you’ll be working with…

18 May, 2019

4 beautiful ways to split space in an open-plan house

Time and trend are both fleeting. That is why there was a time when houses flaunted various separate rooms closed off from one another – and yes, believe it or not, it was considered in vogue at some point.

09 May, 2019

9 shipping container house designs that will inspire you

Container homes have become extremely popular in South Africa and have since been part of many commercial as well as residential property owners list of assets. Container homes can be “dressed up” into a very contemporary setup fit for a fancy additi…

30 April, 2019

A stylish 36 m² shipping container garden studio in Johannesburg

Re-purposing a container may seem like a tall order, but the truth is with the right team of professionals on your project it’s possible. A4AC ARCHITECTS have long been one of Johannesburg’s trusted architects and specialists when it comes to creatin…

16 April, 2019

8 things to consider before renovating your home

A home renovation can be a very fulfilling project, whether it’s renovating a small kitchen, redoing a bathroom, or giving your entire house a splendid makeover. No matter the project size or the aim of the job, there are a myriad of renovation ideas…

28 March, 2019

Shipping containers: The best option for a second home in Johannesburg

On 1 February 2019, the new City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme came into action. This introduced several new rules and processes intended to promote the country’s economic development, attract investment, and represent a more inclusive and integrat…

01 February, 2019

A modern multi-family house by Johannesburg architects

As one of the leading architects in Johannesburg, the professional team of TOP CENTRE PROPERTIES is specialized in civil projects and residential ones. They have acquired extensive experience in creating high density properties as well as architectur…

31 January, 2019

How to make a shipping container home eco-friendly

Economic uncertainties and an increased ecological awareness among the younger generation (especially) have resulted in many more people searching for DIY housing options instead of relying on the usual brick-and-mortar designs.

29 January, 2019

New interior trend: The broken plan layout

Time and trend are both fleeting, and that’s been proven once again with the introduction of the new ‘broken plan’ layout. This is a unique (and dare we say it, refreshing) twist on the age-old open-plan layout, which has become synonymous with moder…

27 January, 2019