​6 Tips To Help You Free Up Space

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If life was fair and dogs could talk, then all of us would live in our desired homes. A glamorous mansion in LA, a rustic cottage in Tuscany – to each his own. But since that’s not happening anytime soon, it’s up to some creative thinking and planning to carve out the lifestyles we want – and most times that includes freeing up more space at home.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into space-saving mode!

1. The kitchen

Whether it’s cooking a family feast or brewing a cup of coffee, there is always something happening in the heart of the home, which is exactly why it should not look like a pigsty. And since it’s known as a work zone, your kitchen needs to dish up all the space and functionality possible.  

First of all, know what you’re using and what not. All items (whether it’s for cooking or decorative purposes) that don’t get used need to go, as they are cluttering up the room. 

If your kitchen is cluttered, then it’s time to rethink your storage system: do you need to include some storage baskets under the sink? How about adding in a shelf or two?

2. Under the stairs

If you’re in the market for more legroom, that space underneath the staircase can become a goldmine. But be clever not to turn it into a clutter corner. 

If a bookcase can fit in, then why not? How about a side table with some elegant lighting? Additional seating, perhaps? Storage for your wine collection? Or what if you turn into a modest little office? All you really need to achieve this is a desk, chair, and adequate lighting.

3. The garage

An Extraordinary Garage Makever with wall cabinets and bike storage Garageflex Garage/shed White

An Extraordinary Garage Makever with wall cabinets and bike storage


The garage, like our entryway, is a no-stop zone; meaning we just pass through this space on a regular basis instead of spending time there, like the living room. 

But that is no excuse to leave it in a state of clutter. Additions like a cupboard or a few shelves can instantly take some of that mess off your hands (provided you first get rid of the things you no longer need). And creative creations like hooks and shelves can work for anything from bicycles and laundry baskets to tools, neatly lifting them off the floor to save up a little legroom. 

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4. Take stock

To get what you want (answer: space) you first need to know what you’ve got. Do a bit of stocktaking around your home to determine what you can do without. 

Do you really need all those jackets in your closet? Is that table and chair in the hallway being used by anybody? Why do you have three egg spatulas in your kitchen drawer? The list goes on…  

Deciding which elements are important (and which can be donated) is one giant leap in terms of clearing up some much-needed space. But don’t think about keeping all that you currently own, and then just adding in some pretty floating shelves in order to accumulate more stuff – you’re only making it worse.

5. Think outside the box

Being clever and creative is what it’s all about – the smallest of corners or weirdest of spaces can become very clever space savers. 

Look around your home and ask yourself where an additional storage compartment can fit in without creating more clutter. Will a tiny cabinet with drawers fit in the bathroom? Will a floating shelf in your child’s room help with that abundance of toys? How about using that niche in the bathroom to store a few of those shampoos and soaps?

6. Opt for a vertical solution

If your house has been blessed with high ceilings, you’re in luck! The evolution of design (and clever thinking) has forced us to look up in terms of space-saving techniques, which is why inventions such as bunk beds and loft rooms are still popular today. These, and other solutions, save up an abundance of floor space in an instant, so if you have the vertical space, then why not? 

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Did our tips work? Can you think of any other hints to save space? Share with us!

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