5 Fabulous Stone Gardens to Modernise your Living Room

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A gorgeous garden is a great way to create an elegant and eye-catching exterior for our home. It’s a fantastic way to appreciate nature and beauty in all its simplicity. But, creating a stone garden inside the living room of your home is a contemporary way to appreciate nature, while also adding a chic modern décor element to those underused areas in the home that could do with a spruce up. This Ideabook is filled with vibrant features for a nature loving experience.

1. Location

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The Running Wall Residence


Certain plants and flowers require varying amounts of sunlight or shade to grow healthily and beautifully, so it is important to research the type of flower that would be best for your interior. It is also imperative to include plants that can deal with the humidity or lack thereof in your living room and choose a perfect place for your garden.

2. Garden Style

Style is another important factor when it comes to designing an indoor garden. Interior designers often have a look at the available space for the garden before considering a style. By doing so, you can choose whether to purchase pot plants or even a more Zen-like garden with neutral colour stones, a water feature, sand and simplicity.

3. Suitable Species

There are so many different types of plants available for the modern home that it would be easy to choose an option that is low maintenance, but also fits the requirements of your interior. Certain species require large amounts of sunlight, and are more suited for outdoor garden, however some species require very little light and grow well in moderate temperatures.

4. Sunshine

Sunshine is an important factor to consider for your living room garden. Light is an energy source for plants and sunlight is necessary to keep them growing healthily. A great idea is to place your plants beneath the skylight as this will ensure that they receive more than enough sunshine during the day. However, if you do not have a skylight, then consider a spot in the living room that receives a lot of sunshine or perhaps even artificial light.

5. A Glass Case

A glass case is a sophisticated and elegant way to create a statement garden in your living room. This will allow for an illuminated yet modern garden feature that is attractive, comfortable and eye-catching. Using bright colours with neutral accents and stones will complete this décor! Looking for more outdoor garden ideas, these 10 Splendid Patios and Terraces are amazing.

How do you take care of your interior garden?

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