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Leigh Leigh
Студия архитектуры и дизайна Вояджи Дарьи Modern houses
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There is nothing more exciting than a home that exudes a bit of colour and personality, which is exactly what we are going to experience today in the form of this gorgeous design by homify professionals Design Studio 63

This home, finished in a delicious apple green colour, is a piece of architecture that his homely, cutting-edge and trend-setting.

We are going to tour this space today and learn why adding a personal touch to a home can mean the difference between a boring and drab space and a house that makes the neighbours green with envy.

Let's take a look!

The green facade

From the get go, we can see this is no ordinary home. While it's not a large home or set on an expansive plot of land, it is very striking!

The facade, as we've mentioned before, is an apple green colour, setting it apart from other homes in the neighbourhood. This green shade works beautifully with the dark wooden finishes that we see in the form of the ceiling beams, the roof, the front door and the platform of the house.

Our favourite part of the house are the egg chairs, which are a form of garden furniture. The chairs are suspended in the air and provide a comfortable spot for the residents to enjoy a book or the afternoon sunshine. You can even rock yourself to sleep for an afternoon nap in this little nook!

The perfect patio

If we move around the side of the house, we can see that there are more comfortable spots where the family can relax and enjoy the outdoor weather. How gorgeous would this be in South Africa?

This little terrace area is equipped with some outdoor benches and a table, finished in a dark wood. This dark wood is very sophisticated and homely, creating a warm and inviting outdoor space.

This space is also equipped with a full on brick braai area for entertaining guests no matter what time of the year it is. Have a look at these 13 grills perfect for braai day for inspiration for your own home.

There is also plenty of space for the kids here! Don't you love the little kiddie's jungle gym?

The indoor fireplace

Just because there's a fire outside doesn't doesn't meant you can't have an indoor fireplace.

Especially in the winter months, a fireplace can be a wonderful addition to your living room. Not only will it make it that much cosier but it is a wonderful decor element too. 

This fireplace is positioned in the wall and is encased in a large stone facade. The stone facade adds a gorgeous, earthy look and feel to this space. 

We already know that this home is unique and sophisticated, but this fireplace proves it. Remember that whatever functional elements you need in your home, you should maximise them for decor passes as well!

The stylish bathroom

If we head inside the bathrooms in this apple green house, we can see how the designers continue to add a unique twist to the decor and design.

This bathroom is designed in the common, trendy and popular neutral colours, including a dark grey and white. This creates a very clean and hygienic looking space, which exudes a sense of tranquility and peace. This is exactly what you want in your bathroom. When you are going through your daily make-up routine or relaxing in a hot bath, you want to feel at peace so you can unwind after a long day!

If we look around the perimetre of the bathroom, we can see that there is a patterned piece of wallpaper that runs around the entire length of the space. Don't you think this adds charm and character to an otherwise very standard, modern design?

The rustic shower

We end off our tour looking at another bathroom, where there is a very unique, innovative and rustic shower design.

This little contraption brings a warm tone to the room thanks to the extensive use of wood. This works in perfect contrast with the rose tiled walls. Remember that a splash of colour can really enhance a room, especially a bathroom. You can also introduce different tones and textures in the form of granite or marble counter tops, glass shower doors and mirrors. 

Also have a look at these: Secrets of a stylish modern bathroom.

Everything about this home is modern, quirky, stylish and functional!

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