The incredible transformation of a kitchen!

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Agnès Dandine - Chichichic
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Today we propose to undertake a real trip back in time to see a fantastic renovation project that turns an old, disused kitchen into a bright room that is functional and comfortable in which to cook dinner and simply live! It is the company, Chichichic  and specifically the  interior designer Agnès Dandine, who has taken on the difficult task of giving new life in this stricken area.

Having designed a total renovation of the room, the professional has invested a great deal at each stage of construction, monitoring and coordinating the process meticulously. They were able to completely transform the space by structuring and redefining its functions and uses. 

Wrapped in noble materials, the new kitchen has a spark of modernity and elegance. It is hard to believe your eyes, as the contrast between the kitchen before and after is awesome!

Without further ado, let’s explore this incredible transformation!


Here you can start to follow the course of the amazing metamorphosis undergone by this kitchen in disrepair, which was turned into a gem of design and modernity! To the right, we find the state the kitchen was in the beginning and during construction.

It’s hard to imagine what to do with the original space… The natural light illuminating the room from a horizontal angle comes from the only window that is included in this area. Only a complete overhaul could take advantage of the unusual circumstances of this kitchen.

Before work

This small corner sink does not easily hide its age! We can see this by the tiled splashback which consists of small squares of pale yellow earthenware. 

A quick scan of this image reveals three closet doors beneath the sink and above the sideboard which are flanked by a row of cupboards that are superfluous and impractical. In short, as we were saying, the possibilities were rather limited and left little to the imagination…

The new area

Although it is hard to believe, this is indeed the same place! It is true that after our professionals passed through this area, nothing had been left untouched. Black, white and wood were the notes chosen to redefine the space for a modern way of cooking—sober and refined.

Note that the sink was moved under the window to create a broad work area running along the angle of the wall. The area available is therefore greatly multiplied, allowing for the implantation of ceramic hobs. 

We can truly appreciate the importance and number of storage solutions created here, making the space seems to us clear and uncluttered.

The worktop area

Let's see in more detail the materials and colours selected to redefine the way this space is perceived! The sideboard now sports a much larger tiled format with horizontal rectangles which stretches out the space visually.

The black colour, deep and strong, produces an elegant structure in the kitchen, even inducing more appreciation of the spatial planning.

In a graphic manor, the black surfaces agree and meet with the white lacquered cupboard doors. The touch of heat brings the natural shades of the wood component to the forefront.

Details and decorative touches

Dispensing with an excess of details, the beautiful solid wood which dresses the space in its soft, natural colour is enhanced by white lacquer doors of the closets and storage drawers.

This small vintage accessory is appropriate to the space and presents an elegant and practical way to store your tea cups, mugs, napkins or whatever else is good to have on hand in a modern kitchen.

We love the rustic accents full of authenticity and reminiscent of the times of yore that adds to the groomed retro furniture here and there in a more modern style. Being both reassuring and warm, these references to the past enchant us!

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Let us know what you thought about this transformation!

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