6 Typical Decor Mistakes—How You Can Avoid Them!

Leigh Leigh
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Establishing a home that looks comfortable and stylish is not a simple matter. From the right colour to the in-trend style, there are all sorts of traps and obstacles lurking that we need to navigate!

Today, we are going to show you six of most common mistakes made in decorating and how they can be avoided.

1. A crowded entrance

A full, cramped and crowded entrance hall is one of the most commons faults of all! And it's no wonder. In many homes the entrance hall is very small and yet it needs to house all of our shoes, jackets, umbrellas and keys!

What we need to remember, however, is that the entrance hall is the business card of the home and the first thing that people will see when they enter our home. This is why the rule should always be: less is more. Jackets and shoes should disappear behind closed doors, light colours should be used to make the room appear larger and more spacious and any bulky furniture should be eliminated. 

In this image, we can see how keeping it neat and tidy is the best way! Also have a look at this ideabook: Your entrance hall can be surprisingly useful.

2. Tone on Tone

Minimalist decor is currently very vogue. Often designers opt for grey on grey or white on white when it comes to this type of decor. They also opt for clean lines, lots of light and minimal furniture. 

Although at first glance it seems very easy to reduce the items in a room to only that which is functional, a bit of expert opinion is needed so that it doesn't end up looking boring, sterile or featureless.

The solution: either add in the occassional splash of colour to bring some contrasts into play or work with different shades of the same colour. In addition, you can opt for different surfaces or textures.

Consult a design professional if you need some help too!

3. Too much of a good thing

Whether it comes down to furniture or decor accessories, most people tend to overload their home. People add vases, photographs, chairs and all sorts, which very quickly makes a space look overloaded or cluttered.

Sometimes, however, it shows courage to leave a few gaps for breathing room. We can assure that this will work out in your favour. What's more is that as a nice side effect, the whole space will look very generous space-wise and airy.

4. The trends

South London Apartment Bhavin Taylor Design Modern living room
Bhavin Taylor Design

South London Apartment

Bhavin Taylor Design

Of course, we all want to live in homes that are very modern and hip, but if we only focus on current trends and buy things that are hot and happening, we will end up with an impersonal home—and no money at the end of the month!

Style inspiration is always good, but you should never copy a complete look and feel from a furniture catalog or a trend blog, because your personal touch will be lost. The room will also end up looking fake and copied.

Experts rather recommend relying on timeless basics when it comes to the larger furniture and then spicing a room up with trendy accessories that can be exchanged if necessary without too much effort.

Have a look through the homify living room products for some inspiration when it comes to your home!

5. Everything on the wall

Most of us have been told time and time again to utilise vertical space so we end up putting all sorts of things on the wall. We push cabinets, shelves, television cabinets, drawers and even sofas up against the wall or on the wall so that we can save floor space.

However, be warned that this can sometimes create the opposite effect. The walls start to close in and make the room seem that much smaller when we clutter them with too many objects.

Rather concentrate some of the furniture in the middle of the room, leaving more space around the walls. Don't you love how this living room has been designed?

6. Hasty

A common setup mistake that we make when we move into a new apartment or redecorate a room is that we panic and want to have everything done as quickly and as perfectly as possible. 

Thus we often tend to buy all of the furniture and accessories in one swoop. But when we take the time to really examine the potential of a room and spend afternoons finding the perfect decor for the furniture that fits in the room, we can end up with a much better design. Patience is a virtue!

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