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In times when you have to send your vehicle, belongings, or even pets, it might become an inconvenience on your part, and you would need someone to rely on for these tasks to be carried out. This is where we introduce to you the option of hiring removal companies Durban that will help you move your items without any trouble.

However, you may still be thinking about which moving company to contact whenever your need to move things arises. The good news is that there’s a platform dedicated to searching for the best companies suited specifically to your moving needs. Simply indicate that you’re looking for moving companies Durban and it will release results displaying lists of information on the moving companies in Durban near you. Through this platform, you can also directly contact the companies and inquire more about their services and rates.

Others may even ask further whether you’re a first-timer engaging in move-related activities, but some may take advantage of you not being knowledgeable about removals to charge you extra for their services. That’s one scary thing, isn’t it? It’s quite difficult to identify whether companies are credible and have great value for the money you’ll pay especially when you’re very new to the whole removal thing.  

No one wants to experience being scammed by suspicious companies especially when you are not familiar with how things usually work. What’s even sadder is that people are engaging in legal contracts with companies agreed upon by both parties, only to end up with nothing because the company has run away with the client’s money. That’s a big red flag right there, giving away the full amount of money even before receiving any kind of service. 

But that’s how things usually went way back, however, there’s a platform released for everyone that allows them to look for trustworthy removal companies throughout the country without having to personally visit one company to another.

Wise Move: Transforming the traditional moving company search

A platform developed that has impacted the removal industry which quickly displays the list of credible moving companies along with movers with just a few clicks or taps on the phone screen. Wise Move was released in many areas all over the globe such as New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa with the goal of making removal services closer to people by assisting them in finding the best companies to match their needs by simply submitting a request. It’s manageable, freely accessible to anyone, and one does not have to spend money looking for companies.

The hunt for the right companies, all situated in a single location

With the intention of being transparent and simplistic in bringing people to gain access to the removal industry, identifying which company to trust and asking for estimated moving quotes shouldn’t be stressful for the clients. What’s even better is that the moving companies registered on the platform are even financially compensated to encourage them to provide reasonably affordable prices to the customers.

How WiseMove operates?

The said platform was created based on the clients’ perspective wherein requests are made by accomplishing the request form that instructs you to give out accurate information about your moving needs and other details. As a result, the encoded information will help Wise Move determine the companies that have responded to accommodate your moving needs based on their location and path. Then, those who are vetted will be able to provide bids through quotes to convince you in hiring them which on your part, will be easier since you’ll just need to compare.

What sets WiseMove apart from other similar platforms?

Wise Move operates on gaining trust from their users so they have to ensure that their moving needs are handled by competent companies. This is done by adding features where users can read feedback from previous customers and the companies’ previous endeavors or experiences for you to evaluate the companies better.

The team behind Wise Move engages in meticulous procedures that validate the qualifications of each moving company which are done manually to avoid errors on their part. Checking the application of every company is a crucial step in upholding the principles of the platform developers and their team in an effort to provide the best services to their users.

Transparency is another value Wise Move has committed to protecting the trust and confidence of its clients. As much as possible, they’ve included parts in the requests that instructed the user to specify for them to receive near-accurate moving quotes. They also made previous quotes publicly viewed for newer clients to check whether the prices are reasonable and compare with those new companies or movers.

The ease in using Wise Move is stemmed from their intention to enable improvement in computing moving quotes by distinguishing the company with the lowest moving quote within your vicinity through bidding. Some instances allow you to save money that is covered in the platform itself like where some companies offer spare space in their moving truck for a low price or those who offer to assist you along the way from a previous move since your location is an advantage to them.


Wise Move is merely not an innovation created for the users alone but also for the companies too since it has also made client search easier. The fact that they are also incentivized so that they can offer the lowest moving quotes is a huge factor in why the platform is reliable and beneficial to both parties. In addition, the companies are immediately informed regarding the type of move, distance, the objects, and the preferred date the client wants the move to happen. Lastly, the clients can maintain their peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe in the hands of trustworthy movers. 

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