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Before and After: Spectacular Architecture!

Leigh Leigh
Formaementis Minimal style Bathroom
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Today we are going to see that is nothing impossible! A ruin can be turned into an absolute beautiful space with a little bit of innovation and an eye for detail. We are going to witness a radical change that wasn't too expensive, but was totally worth it thanks to the new lifestyle that it offers.

If you have the opportunity to live a happier, more successful and more fun life, then you must go for it. That's why today at homify, we are going to see how unfortunate features can be transformed into something incredible thanks to the professionals at Formaementis!

A little bit of paint will be sure to paint a smile on your face today!

Run down and derelict

We don't even know where to start with this space! It is a shelter for the homeless? Or a space for the birds and the mice?

We can't comprehend how anyone could live in this space without getting sick or having nightmares. While we believe in a rustic look and feel, there is no hygiene in this home—a simple basic need in life!

But not to worry, we are going to see an incredible change.

Don't look down!

This is one of the most disturbing images because it shows how severally hygiene is lacking in the bathroom of this home. Can you imagine showering or brushing your teeth in this space? 

This is meant to be the most clean area of the home and yet we feel dirty just looking at it.

Everything is also too close together with no division between the shower and the toilet. 

But wait… in the next image you will see how the intervention pays off!

The beginnings of change

We can hardly believe our eyes! Doesn't this bathroom look completely different?

It is now much cleaner, more modern and hygienic, with every feature coming together in perfect harmony.

There is nothing wrong with having a small bathroom, but it needs to look clean, minimalist and modern. There also needs to be a reasonable amount of space between the tub, the sink and the shower. 

We also love how the sink has been installed on a wooden counter, which fits against the wall length-ways. This works very well because the bathroom is small and the space next to the shower has already been utilised for storing items. There is no need for a big, chunky sink unit. 

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Cooking Bliss

The home is a small space, but the consistency of colours bring life and innovation to the ambiance.

The designers have created an open plan design, painting the walls white, which works in perfect harmony with the white counter tops and cupboards. 

The dining room is simple, yet effective with a touch of colour here and there to bring character and personality to the clean and hygienic looking space. The pistachio and yellow are the perfect colours for this area!

Our favourite part, however, is how natural lighting has been utilised to really open the space up. When it is night time, there is a gorgeous lamp that hangs over the dining area, providing ambiance and style.

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Relax and Unwind

The living room is very simple and yet full of character and style. 

The designers have opted for smart storage solutions in the home, allowing for only the necessary items to be on display. This is a great tip, especially for a small home!

The walls are a simple white colour, complementing the white bookshelf and television cabinet. The cabinet is very impressive, utilising vertical space while also storing books, decor items and, of course, the television. 

The cool, neutral colours are offset by the colourful pillows on the sofa, which give some warmth and life to the space. This works wonderfully with the white wooden floor.

Natural light flows through the large rectangle window and the beautiful big doors.

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The final result

This house is completely transformed. It is fresh, new and modern, positioned under beautiful rays of sunshine.

A covered terrace area has also been created where a wooden table and chairs allows for coffee with friends or afternoons relaxing in the fresh air. The covering is made from bamboo—trendy and functional!

This designer has also put touches of natural decor throughout the exterior in the form of pot plants and flower beds. This works wonderfully and is a great tip for any home. Remember that the exterior is the first impression that people get of your home, so you want it to look gorgeous.

How impressed are you with this before and after?

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