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Small Patio? 5 Ways to Optimise Space!

Leigh Leigh
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Our garden and patio space depends entirely on us for love, dedication and care. With the right kind of attention, a patio can be turned into the centre of the home, the place where we want to spend all of our time and a pleasant area no matter what the temperature!

Thanks to how beautiful a garden can be, depending on the design and the plants or flowers that you choose to include in it, you also don't need to invest a lot of money to have a nice patio. All of the decor that you need will come from the garden. 

Today at homify, we are going to look at a few tips and tricks so that even if you have the smallest patio space, you can create the most appealing exterior space. 

With a little bit of attention and care, you can make this place the best area that there is to offer in your home. Unfortunately most people miss this opportunity, assuming that it will cost too much to create a beautiful patio and that it will need too much maintenance.

So let's go and explore these wonderful decorating tricks, which will help you to enhance your garden and even more importantly, help you to create a space that you and your family can enjoy!

Are you ready? Then keep reading!

1. Integrate the areas

Patios are usually smaller spaces compared to the garden and are separated from the rest of the exterior design thanks to the different flooring used. We want these two areas to merge and complement each other, with the vegetation becoming the decor for the tiny patio. 

Now that we can identify the differences between these two spaces, we can begin to get creative with the features available to us. One example is to create a beautiful contrast with green vegetation and the materials used to create the patio. For example, in this design by Meyer Cortez Arquitetura & Design we can see how the wooden pergola works beautifully with the green hedges and plants, creating a very warm and earthy look and feel.

2. Nice, practical and stylish furniture

It is so important to have good, outdoor furniture for your patio! And good does not mean a plastic table with four or five chairs that allow us to sit, chat or eat. 

Patio furniture needs to be more than functional, it needs to be attractive too. It should fit in perfectly with the environment and match the interior style of your home. This will allow us to really make the most of the space!

This example of a gorgeous patio, designed by Cortés Architects, shows us how investing in quality furniture can go a very long way. Here there are funky and stylish chairs to sit on to enjoy a meal or a drink as well as deck chairs where the family can relax in the sun.

3. Arrange the plants strategically

Considering this is an outside area, the presence of plants is essential. This is also an opportunity to get really creative, so we suggest going one step further than the conventional flower pots and bushes.

Why don't you utilise the vertical space, leaving more room for relaxing and enjoying your patio? In this image, we can see how effective a vertical garden can be! You can either hang your pot plants from the ceiling beams or grow vines up the wall. 

Whatever option you choose, you will achieve a very natural ambiance that will bring vibrancy to your exterior space.

4. Artificial light creates a cosy atmosphere

One way to really bring personality to a patio is to make the most of artificial lighting.

You want your patio to be functional not only in the spring and in the summer, but all year around. If it is partially or fully enclosed, you won't always have the benefit of natural light to illuminate the space. This is why artificial lights become our saving grace!

We also have a secret. Light in outdoor spaces is often overlooked because people believe that natural light is sufficient, but it is not. 

Artificial light is vital for night time, but can also serve as a decorative element that will help to enhance your patio.

This example, by Fadel Architects, is a great example! Also have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses.

5. Functional decor is key

Finally, we mustn't forget the decor! This can range from small items to majestic fountains, but should look as natural as possible so that it mimics the environment around it. 

These fruit and vegetable trucks are a perfect example! They combine originality with a natural and earthy tone. Remember that you can also create these types of items with your own hands. It can be a DIY project for the whole family. All that you need to do is get your hands on some old boxes or pallets.

Also have a look at these: Charming ideas for a small garden.

How do you optimise the space on your small patio?
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