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​16 Staircases That Are Above Stunning

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Innovations with glass - the staircase model LONDRA Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale Stairs Glass Transparent
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The staircase, like any other furniture piece in the house, is not just there for practical reasons. If styled correctly, it can make for one glamorous focal piece. And it is for this reason that we have decided to give the staircase the attention it deserves by dedicating an entire article to it. 

From curvy and harmonious to rigid and traditional, a staircase can be made up of so many styles and designs, and we have selected these 16 purely for your viewing pleasure.


1. Adding some lighting

Style, colour, and material are not the only factors that make up a staircase’s look. Here we have crystal-clear evidence that lighting can also add some fantastic pizzazz to a staircase – if done correctly, mind you. 

Fortunately, this example above is the epitome of glamour done right, for the dark brown wall, creamy toned side surfaces, glass balustrades, and select lighting spots are all picture perfect in this scene.

2. Black and elegant

Paris apartment Diff.Studio Living room

Paris apartment


In a room where elegance and refinement are the star attractions, the stairway needs to show what it’s got. And this staircase above brings the beauty without any hesitation. 

Long, stylish, with a golden touch on the treads to match those gorgeous chandeliers – this staircase went from a backdrop piece to ruling the whole show!

3. Where industrial meets modern

When it comes to the urban/industrial style, one needs to have metals and exposed materials, albeit without being overtly obvious about it. This staircase clearly got the style memo, as it is far from excessive, yet also nowhere near a fading wallflower. And it also showcases a strong helping of the modern style, thanks to the glass balustrades, simple lines, and sober tones.

4. The floating steps

What a striking addition to the interiors, with timber steps seemingly floating in mid-air, just waiting to transport us to the next floor.

The open-riser, spine staircase is a beautiful choice for the contemporary conscious among us, yet not a clever idea for when children or the elderly are involved.

5. A wealth of textures

We love this environment that flaunts a rich, cosy, and unique personality. Earthy tones and elegant textures combine beautifully to make up a refined and superb room. And who could overlook that pure-line staircase with its pebble stone carpet underneath?

6. Elegant curves

In a lot of cases, a flight of steps flaunts an eye-catching look that makes it stand out from its surrounding environment. That is not the case with this spiral beauty, which seems to seep elegantly out of the floor before doing a stylish twist to the storey above. 

Stainless steel railings add a contemporary touch, while a gorgeous double-storey window in the backdrop casts a decadent glow of sunshine onto this concrete creation.

7. Emphasising the dimensions

When connecting storeys, a staircase can either highlight or hide the dimensions of the space. Our example above opted for highlighting the difference between the floors, with the open-riser design and discreet metal railing helping to ensure a decadent view onto the space below.

8. The striking, minimalist piece

A helical stairway is opted for when one wants an open design, seeing as it has no central shaft for support. It also offers great decorative potential, as can clearly be seen in our example above: that crisp-white beauty immediately grabs our attention, and firmly demands its place as one of the prime focal points in this living room.

9. For maximum transparency

Innovations with glass - the staircase model LONDRA Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale Stairs Glass Transparent
Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale

Innovations with glass—the staircase model LONDRA

Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale

One of the more cutting-edge concepts in terms of staircase designs is the introduction of glass. These steps are as safe as any others, thanks to the sturdy thickness with which they are constructed. 

The design above, courtesy of Siller Treppen, flaunts a very minimalistic look, allowing the purity of the lines and transparency of the glass to become a décor piece that takes up almost no visual space whatsoever.

10. A sleek and slim option

What an ingenious notion, opting for sleek metal to conjure up a staircase above, which ensures it stands out most superbly among the rest of the design materials. Glass balustrades complete the modern look perfectly, adding an almost invisible yet artistic touch to this living room.

11. The sophistication of iron

Don’t pigeonhole iron as a masculine and harsh metal – although ultra strong, it can take on a very delicate look, as seen in the wrought iron staircase above, which lends an air of elegant refinement to the scene.  

Isn’t that water feature beneath the staircase just the ultimate touch of sophistication?

12. The stairway to heaven

Glasstree Wall IAM Design Corridor, hallway & stairs Stairs
IAM Design

Glasstree Wall

IAM Design

Light and almost imperceptible, these steps offer a floating vibe which seems to lead us directly to the clouds above (thanks to the clever placement of the gigantic windows on the second storey).

13. A balancing contrast

Notice the superb vibe of this timber stairway: paired with the interior garden, it offers both a balance and contrast in terms of materials and colour, a situation that makes it most befitting for any space, interior or exterior.

14. An element of space

If you want your interiors to flaunt an image of spaciousness, then floating steps, such as the one seen here, is a fantastic option. Those steps that protrude from the wall take up as little space as possible, leaving a delicate area open underneath for a touch of fresh greenery.

15. Raw and naked

Industrial materials are honest and beautiful about their raw looks. Here we can see the steel, concrete, and glass achieve a very harmonious fusion without trying to be impressive; they simply are attractive and striking, stealing the spotlight away from the rest of the interior setting.

16. Stone that’s simply spectacular

Stone is most definitely one of the most popular materials in interior design, and here we see the beauty that is snow-white marble when mixed with earthy tones. 

Wide, strong, yet with a sense of softness, this stairway ensures it gets noticed in this spacious open-plan area. 

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Which staircase would you pick for your own home? Write a comment below and share with us!

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