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​13 Grills Perfect For Braai Day

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As any South African will tell you, a braai is more than just a way of preparing a meal; it’s an occasion in itself. A braai can turn any day (whether it be a Tuesday afternoon or Saturday evening) into a festive event, an excuse to open a bottle of wine and have a relaxing sit-down in front of the fire.

A braai can be enjoyed with friends, with a loved one, or just by yourself. It can spark some merriment in a birthday celebration, a garden get-together, or just a regular gathering of friendly folks looking for some socialising. 

So, to conjure up warm and cheerful images of gorgeous food and glorious company, let’s take a look at 13 braais, barbeques, and outdoor kitchens that can make for the ideal excuse to have a braai.

1. The culinary oasis

If you’re going to have a braai, you may as well do it in style – such as this constructed, outdoor area that is reason enough to grill up a steak and call up some friends. With its quaint brick surfaces and detailed structure, this braai is sure to lure even the most dedicated homebody outside.

2. The exterior stove

Whether you’re roasting some meat or baking a bread, this outdoor model can be your trusty sidekick on any day for any meal. Its dark metal surface makes for a stunning, modern vision that can look equally fitting in a lush garden, or on a sparsely decorated patio.

3. A built-in beauty

colonial  by The Braai Man, Colonial
The Braai Man

Clad your Braai in Stone

The Braai Man

Kick-starting a braai with some company is one thing, but doing it in a stylish spot that’s high in aesthetic quality is another – luckily, this built-in model by The Braai Man above has nothing to worry about. The stylish stone surfaces beautify this spot superbly while also providing adequate seating spots for the guests.

4. A meal with a view

Enjoying an outdoor meal, whether it’s a braai, barbeque or picnic, would not be half as much fun without a terrific view to enjoy. And just see how stunningly this outdoor griller fits into this lush garden landscape above. 

A roof for shading, sufficient space for food prepping, plus a decadent storage area for firewood – what more could one want for a barbeque with the friends?

5. The multi-functional option

What a clever twist on the traditional braai! Adding convenient surfaces for bowls and cooking utensils around your fire, as well as circular holders that can turn either way to heat up additional dishes and pots. 

That multi-course meal that we’re braaing will be done in no time!

6. Perfect for pizza

classic  by La Hacienda, Classic
La Hacienda

Romana wood fired oven

La Hacienda

The outdoor barbeque is not just restricted to steak and burgers – that’s the beauty of it! So, to feed the Italian in you, opt for this funky little thing that puts a modern spin on the traditional pizza oven. 

And since it’s on wheels, we can just roll it to the desired location, like from the patio to the garden. Who said barbequing needs to be difficult?

7. The travel companion

Now this little beauty is charmingly compact and mobile – so charming, in fact, that it can easily fit into a suitcase. No more breaking our backs to load sufficient charcoal and firewood just to enjoy a hearty barbeque. 

So, where shall we enjoy our next grilled meal? The beach?

8. Display them proudly

It’s not just about eating, you know – displaying those mouth-watering dishes adds to the delightful event of a braai/barbeque. So, better make sure you have a sufficient table for those succulent foods. Or opt for this magnificent model above that has more than ample space for either food prepping or displaying. 

Oh, did we mention it has loads of storage space for firewood and charcoal?

9. The outdoor oven

We all know that warm ambience of the kitchen, which is why we tend to gather in there so often. Well, take that cheerful vibe outside with this barbeque model that is essentially an exterior oven

Is this not just the ideal companion for a hearty al fresco meal?

10. An entire kitchen outside

We’ve moved the oven outside, so why not the entire kitchen? This fresh space boasts all the warmth and merriment of the kitchen on the outside, for when the party is too hot to keep indoors. 

Fantastic space for grilling, sufficient countertop surfaces, plus a sink to help with cleaning up. Perfect, in our opinion!

11. Sleek and sexy

From charming and homely to sleek and slim, this stainless steel beauty tells us that looks are as important as brains. Not overtly huge, yet it has more than enough space for braaing, prepping/displaying, and rinsing. 

The fact that its wall-mounted body appears to be stylishly floating (keeping the floor open and spacious) is simply an added bonus

12. The garden party

Shall we enjoy (and cook) our meal in the garden? Then by all means, let’s add some fresh plants and flowers to the braai area to soften it up. 

These floating shelves present fantastic space for that mobile barbeque, dishes, cooking utensils, and firewood, plus your selection of florals and vegetation to add some homely charm. 

Let’s add some beauty to that outdoor space – see these 7 Stunners To Boost Your Garden.

13. The outdoor chef’s haven

Like to pretend you’re the next Jamie Oliver while cooking? Show off your hosting and cooking skills with this superb braai, which not only presents fabulous spaces for roasting and heating additional dishes, but also a spacious island to flaunt your culinary talents.

Which braai/barbeque set would be perfect for your home? Write a comment below and tell us!
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