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A Fab Prefab: Scandinavian Style!

Leigh Leigh
Danhaus GmbH Country style house
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The construction period when it comes to prefabricated homes can be completed in a relatively short time, the economic costs are quite low and there is a wide range of designs and materials available thanks to the growing popularity.

The concept of the prefabricated home is not a new one, but the potential when it comes to this design has expanded enormously in the last few years. It's an option that everyone should consider. It's also a great option for office space for a company's employees or for a large family who need plenty of room to live in. 

Today we are going to have a look at just how dynamic and fabulous a prefab home can be…

The prefab home for the family

This house consists of two stories and was designed by Danhaus GmbH, a German company that specialises in prefabricated houses in Germany.

The house has three bedrooms and a living room as well as a large and impressive kitchen, which just goes to show that there doesn't need to be anything small about a prefabricated home. 

Not only was it constructed in a much quicker time frame compared to the time it would haven taken to build a traditional home in this design, but one of the great features about prefab homes is how much energy they save. In this example, the outer and inner walls are insulated, reducing heat loss. There are also solar panels and a heat pump.

Investing in a prefab home can really save you time and expense short-term and long-term!

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Scandinavian style interior

If we go inside the prefab home, we can see just how impressive the design is. The materials that we see here can be quickly and easily assembled on site once they have been made in the factory. How professional and stable does it look?

On the first floor, there is a living room, kitchen and dining room which exudes a remarkably cosy atmosphere. There is also plenty of space where the family can interact. 

The interior is predominantly white, with light colours and lots of light wood used throughout, which creates a very stylish and comfortable homely space, reminding us of northern Europe. 

The eco-friendly Scandinavian style has been applied here, where the furniture and accessories are a fusion between practicality and beauty.

Sky Blue and Cool

The living room is a gorgeous compilation of colours and patterns. 

Thanks to the wonderful natural light that streams through the large windows, the soft colours of the furniture are even more enhanced.

The cool light blue armchairs are the focal point of the living room. One wall in the living room has been carefully decorated, working wonderfully with the plain white walls used throughout the rest of the interior. Do you see how, if done right, wallpaper can be incredibly beneficial?

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Beach landscape with a kitchen

The sunshine coming through the window is a lovely feature in the kitchen, which reflects off of the bright white furniture.

The beach wallpaper on the far end of the wall creates a very serene and tranquil space. Don't you feel inspired to cook just looking at this? The tree that we can see out beyond the window adds that touch of green to the room, working in harmony with the theme of nature.

A breakfast bar has been installed in this space, which is incredibly functional and trendy. Not only does it subtly divide the kitchen from the rest of the house, but it's a great spot to sip tea with the family or chat to the chef while he or she is cooking.

Indoor elevator

Typically two-storey homes can be connected by a stairways, but this home is designed specifically to meet the needs and the lifestyle of the residents. 

We can see how a small elevator has been installed next to the stairs here, which is designed for those who have restricted mobility. They won't have to worry about climbing up and down the stairs!

This is a wonderful example of how a prefab can truly be moulded to suit the needs of the family.

Bedroom with a balcony

A bedroom that features a balcony has a number of advantages.

If you have a balcony with an outdoor table and chairs, you can use this for some personal down time taking in the fresh air. Imagine sipping your cup of coffee here!

In this bedroom, we can see how the designers have included a light green wall, which works well with the wooden furniture and the wooden floors.

There are also dimming lights in the ceiling, which can create a very romantic or peaceful ambiance in this space. Don't you love the trendy lamps that hang down from the ceiling above the side tables?

Spacious bathroom with a tub

The main bathroom is one of the best rooms in the house!

The dark navy bathtub that is placed in the corner of the room has plenty of space so every time someone baths, it will feel like a luxury session at the spa. It's also a great spot for the children to play in the bath water.

The large windows have been installed to allow plenty of light into this space, while still remaining high enough so that they provide privacy. The natural light will dry the bathroom quickly after its being used so that it is always a clean and pleasant space.

Mirror cabinet

Storage space in a bathroom is key to a good design, keeping all of your personal items like toothpaste and face creams out of sight. You want your bathroom to look hygienic, neat and minimalist at all times.

Utilising a mirror cabinet above the sink, like in this design, is a great option as it provides two-in-one functionality. You can also build a cabinet under your sink with drawers and cupboards.

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Are you now convinced that a prefab home could work for you?

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