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Home improvement: 10 pergolas and shades you can build in one weekend

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If a DIY weekend is appealing to you then building a pergola or a simple shade/awning is a pretty achievable feat. 

Catching some sun is fun, but there are times when we need some shade as well. Especially in those hot summer months, when sunbathing is associated with having a death wish. 

So, instead of lathering up sunscreen, putting on our stylish sunglasses and working on our tans, let’s instead retreat underneath a beautiful awning or pergola on your terrace, where we can still enjoy the view, albeit without getting sunburnt. 

And we have the perfect 10 shade-providing options for the occasion…

1. Simple, yet effective

If overt embellishments and an abundance of decorations is not your style, more power to you – something simpler, perhaps, for your choice in shaded spot, then? 

How about this sleek and slim model, with a very straightforward appearance and calm neutral tones, but which will still provide the required amount of shade for our summer al fresco lunch?

2. Relaxing in style

Now, this is something decidedly a bit more decorative. Flaunting a classic look of eye-catching design, this model can be the perfect addition to your garden or terrace, or even next to the pool. 

The addition of comfy and stylish loungers, as well as fresh greenery, immediately turns this shaded garden spot into one of our favourites.

3. A unique approach

We want shade, right? Well, we’ve got it, just not in the way you would expect. 

Some rope and sufficiently thick cloth, and ta-da: a shaded sail that is a stylish alternative to the usual awning, but which still provides a decent amount of shade.

Won’t this look great for a garden party, having cloths of different colours add a bit of pizzazz to your outdoor socialising?

4. Contrasting colours

It’s not just about providing shade, you know – that awning (or whatever you reside under) needs to flaunt a stylish look too. 

Bladgoud-Tuinen knows how to bring the beauty, with this modern awning that sports a striking timber look in warm caramel colour. Charcoal-toned fabric completes this modish look perfectly, while the bright-green patio furniture conjures up a faultless spot for us to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

5. Best for an open balcony

In addition to looking beautiful, that awning needs to be practical too. This, however, will differ from person to person, depending on the amount of shade required, the space in which it is needed, weather conditions, and so forth. 

This example above is perfect for those of us who fear those UV rays and need all the shaded protection we can get. As this option fully envelops the balcony in decadent darkness, there’s no need to bring the sunscreen!

6. Perfect for pool parties

Splashing in a sun-drenched pool is great, but when it’s time to relax with a cocktail and chit chat, a shaded spot is the wiser option. This stunning awning not only provides a fantastic amount of additional shade (depending on the sun’s location, of course), but does so with a clean and tranquil white look that reminds us of summertime in the Hamptons.

7. Impressive and different

Hosting a children’s party in the garden? Why not cover up those little ones with a striking shaded sail that is easily constructed within minutes? 

This suspended, triangular-shaped sail adds aesthetic quality to any outdoor space, resulting in a look that is uniquely different from the regular rectangular-shaped shade.

8. The trusted tent

A family lunch in the garden? Spending some quality time with your loved one? How about a get-together with some friends in the yard? 

A stylish tent such as this can be the ideal alternative for a shaded spot if your yard has no big trees to boast about. And we all know how they beautify an outdoor wedding reception.

9. Floating above you

A shaded sail suspended via ropes, as shown above, is your best bet for when you require that shaded spot, yet don’t want to deal with any poles getting in your way. Just be sure it’s weather friendly, as you don’t want that scorching sun (or occasional drizzle) to ruin your trusty and stylish sail.

10. The beauty of the pergola

Thanks to clever thinkers and designers, there is a shaded option for everybody, regardless of taste or budget. And one of our all-time favourites is the covered pergola, which can enhance any garden or lawn from ordinary outdoors to glamorous setting. 

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