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The most beautiful home in all of Johannesburg (we think!)

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House Abo Modern houses by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects Modern
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Designed by Johannesburg architects Meulen Architects, today's project shows just how lekker local talent is. 

While there is no ocean in Johannesburg, today's design is reminiscent of a unique and innovative ocean vehicle that floats above the ground. However, while it resembles a mystic and serene ship, it's as functional as it is trendy.

What's more is that these designers know the South African climate, the South African tastes and the South African styles, which is why we at homify are certain that there is at least something, if not everything, that you'll love in this design.

So let's go and explore some homegrown innovative and design!

Modern Masterpiece

How often do you drive through your local neighbourhood and find a home like this? Not very often!

It is absolutely breathtaking with its sheer glass exterior and steel beams that create edge and innovation throughout the exterior. 

The home is made up of different volumes and shapes, encased in its glass walls. These create a transparent boundary between the interior and the exterior. This isn't the first time that these architects have achieved such a gorgeous and impressive home. Have a look at their: Johannesburg house of glass.

The volumes and shapes spill out from the interior to the exterior, seemingly floating above the wooden foundation and manicured lawn. The right-hand side of the home looks like a moat!

Kitchen Creation

If we move inside the home, we find ourselves in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a smart and savvy modern open plan space with white counter tops and cupboards. It is separated from the rest of the home by a fabulous kitchen island cum breakfast bar, which is lined with charcoal black bar stools. A kitchen island or breakfast bar is always a wonderful addition the family home as it allows for a partial division between the kitchen and the rest of the home, without segregating it completely. It also provides an extra surface space for cooking or preparing food. Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure.

In fact, the great thing about this kitchen is how easy it is to interact and engage with people in other areas of the home, even though the kitchen is quite separate. For the South African family, this allows mom and dad to keep an eye on the kids while they eat their breakfast or do their homework, even while they are cooking or relaxing in the living room.

Divine Dining Room

The dining room is elegant, sophisticated and charming with a large 10-seater dining room table finished in dark wood, three sophisticated lamps that hang from the ceiling and little touches of decor here and there.

Lighting in a dining room is particularly important as it provides ambiance and atmosphere in a space where people want to enjoy their dinner and possibly have a few glasses of wine. You don't want your guests to feel like they are under a spotlight! Lamps like these provide a soft glow throughout the room.

Have a look at the homify dining room light products for inspiration for your own home.

From this image, you can also see how gorgeous natural decor can be. A little pot plant, a vase of flowers or a simple orchid can truly enhance any room the home.

Living Lavishly

The living room in this home is perfect for both summer and winter—which makes it perfect for the South African climate. Even in the middle of winter, the sun can shine and there can be gorgeous views of the surrounds. This is why the glass windows and doors are so perfect in this home, allowing access to the nature around the house at all times.

The living room is very neutral and yet sophisticated with beige sofas, cream tiled walls and a fluffy rug. This works beautifully with the extensive use of glass, which allows sunlight to filter into the room at all times. Even in winter, this is a warm and cosy space.

When there is no sunshine, however, the designers have included a very trendy and modern fireplace that extends almost along the entire length of the living room. It is grey with beautiful little pebbles. It just goes to show how function and design can truly go hand in hand.

Light Bedroom

A bedroom should never feel too dark or heavy. It should be light, airy, warm and welcoming.

This is exactly what Meulen Architects have achieved here, with a light bedroom that features soft wall colours, a light copper tiled facade behind the bed, wooden floors and of course, large glass windows and doors that allow sunshine to illuminate the entire space.

This neutral colours and soft tones don't hold the designers back from sophistication, however. There is a beautiful flat screen television and a cream armchair in the corner that looks just as comfortable as the bed!

The designers have also opted for a few cushions and throws that add a few darker tones to the space.

Have a look at these: Tips for a better bedroom in just 15 minutes.

Outside Wonder

We end off our tour in the best spot of this house—the patio

The patio is covered by a gorgeous wooden facade, providing shelter so that the family can enjoy dining in this space all year round. For South Africans who love a good braai, this is a wonderful option. You can enjoy your boerewors and chops no matter what the weather!

The patio leads out onto a swimming pool, which is lined with black fibre glass rather than the traditional lighter materials that we usually see pools lined with. This is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing as it allows the sun to be absorbed, keeping the pool nice and warm. It also looks really trendy!

This is the perfect spot for South African summers where you can sunbathe, play games int he pool or host a pool party.

Everything about this home is modern and sophisticated. It is also tailored to a true South African family. What more could you want?

What do you think about this modern home?
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